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A popular topping is cheese sauce to make Cauliflower Cheese

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Q: What do you put on top of cauliflower?
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How do you steam cauliflower?

put it in a sieve basket on top of a pot of boiling water

Does cauliflower grows on top of the soil?

Yes, it grows on top of the soil.

Does cauliflower grow underground?

There is a top plant and then the cauliflower among the leaves, so it doesn't grow underground but on top. Cauliflower plants do send roots underground, but the flowers, the parts that are eaten, grow above ground.

When you put broccoli and cauliflower together?

When you serve it on the plate.

Do cauliflower grow from the top or the bottom?

How do you imagine ANY plant can grow from top to bottom

Can tadpoles eat cauliflower?

Yes, I blanched some cauliflower and they ate it. I put it up in baggies and gave them a floret every other day. They had white tummies eating the cauliflower.

Can you have cauliflower on the Atkins diet?

No that is really bad for you it will put weight on not loose it

What is plural of cauliflower?

the plural of cauliflower is cauliflower As in "I have tons of cauliflower'

What part of the plant is cauliflower?

you eat the top not the bottom tastes really good with cheese

Is cauliflower a countable noun?

No, the word cauliflower is singular only; to refer to multiples of the vegetable, you have one head of cauliflower or two heads of cauliflower, you have one floret of cauliflower or many florets of cauliflower, a fields of cauliflower or a pots of cauliflower.

How do you spell cauliflower in cursive?


How long will cauliflower stay fresh in the refrigerator?

It will stay fresh about a week, (assuming it was put in there fresh).

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