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well if you like her you could always tell her that, and she might blush like i would but then if ur lucky u could start up a conversation.

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Q: What do you say if she says hello?
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What do you do when a girl says hello?

Say hello back.

Can someone say hello to kitty for you?

kitty says hello

What will you say when your friend says hi?

You say hello back.

How do you answer when someone says hello?

when someone says hello you also say HELLO, hahaha der!!

What if a boy say hello to a girl dies he like her?

Not every boy that says hello to a girl likes the girl. He may say hello to be friendly.

What do you do when someone says hi but you dont know them?

say hello

WHAT does it mean when someone says hello love?

they use to say it old england like "hello love" its like now "hello there"

Can a parrot say hello?

If your train the parrot to say hello then yes. This can be accomplished by repeating the word around the bird and rewarding it with a treat when it says it.

What song has the lyrics you just came to say the goofy white kid says hello?

The song is called "Hello" by Dragonette.

Who says hola?

Hola is what Spanish people say for hello. Thanks :)

How do you say hello in the Vatican City?

The people in the Vatican City speak Italian. To say hello in the Italian language one says the word ciao.

How do you say hello in jess eakins language?

You says "goji" pronouced "go" "ji"