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Say Thank You. Or be conceited and say "I know (;"

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Q: What do you say to a person when they say you are funny?
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Are black people really funny?

What is considered funny varies from person to person, and so, it is safe to say all people are really funny in someones eyes.

What is the phrase 'You are funny' when translated from English to Indonesian?

Kamu lucu or Kamu sangat lucu (you say this when the person is very funny)

If something is really funny how can you forget to laugh?

well, you see people say that when you say something you think is funny, but it really isn't. example: person A: your moms so fat, shes fat! person B: wow, that's so funny i forgot how to laugh. in reality, it really wasnt funny at all.

Is there anything funny to say to a dying person?

Yeah, you point and laugh when no one is looking.

How do you say funny in Scottish?


How do you say your funny in french?

First you have to learn how to say it in English: "YOU'RE funny". funny........ comique

How is comedy funny?

its funny because of the person.

Who was the one in Edward's family who thought Bella was funny?

i dont think anyone thought she was funny. but if i had to say the person who laghed the most at her would be emmet

Who would be a funny person to guide you through hell?

I'd say Barney. Robin Williams

How can I be a funny guy?

Say funny things.

What is a funny person that rhymes with down?

A clown is a funny person that rhymes with down.

Why are your answers not funny?

'Cause I'm not a funny person.

How do you say not in German as in not funny?

not (funny) ---> nicht (lustig)

How do you say funny guy in Italian?

funny guy

How do you say funny in Brazilian?

"Funny" is "engraçado" in Portuguese.

What does Que no mean?

It means "what,no?" like asking if the person u say it to agrees like "that's funny,nuh.?" but it doesnt really make sense if u say "what, no?" in English it always sounds better like "that's funny que,no?" instead of "that's funny what,no?" ;]

Which Word rhymes with clown that means a special hat for a special for a funny person?

i think you mean or a funny person, not for a funny person. otherwise, your question makes no sense.

What movie is there a person killing someone saying Funny Funny?

the movie is called funny -funny ha ha

How do you say Jesus is funny in Spanish?

he is not real so u cant say hes funny

How do you say your funny?

you don't.

What does it mean when you say boo to a girl in she laughs?

probably means she thinks you say it funny or thinks your funny

What do women mean when they say you are funny?

They mean exactly what they say: you are funny. It isn't a code or a different language.

How do you say your too funny in spanish?

You would say 'you're too funny' in Spanish as "a su gracioso'.

How do you say you are funny in Swedish?

You are funny is "Du är rolig" in swedish.

How do you say very funny in Spanish?

Very funny- Muy cómico