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Unfortunately, this often happens. There is just only so much of us to go around. She is very busy with the new guy and doesn't have the amount of spare time she used to have. Take her as she is and enjoy the time you do have. As time passes, her life will balance out and you will have kept your friendship. As we get older, our family time (especially with kids) takes up more time than we'd like, so see if you can regularly meet for exercise or some other regular activity.

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Q: What do you say to her when a close friend abandons you for her new boyfriend and she only calls when he is out of town?
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If my best friend was going with my boyfriend when i was what do i do?

She isn't much of a friend if she did that so disown her as your friend! And if she hang out with you alot and your boyfriend with you she just using you to get close to your boyfriend.

Spell friend in french?

le copain = male friend la copine = female friend l'ami = close male friend / boyfriend l'amie = close female friend / girlfriend

What do you do if your friend is flurting with your boyfriend?

If she is your close friend, then talk to her straight forward and tell her it bothers you. If she isn't a close friend, tell your boyfriend that you don't like her flirting with him, and request HIM to tell her not to do so. She'll get the point if she's a decent girl.

What do you do if you suspect that a close friend likes your boyfriend?

you could try asking them.

Can my guy friend be my boyfriend?

Yes, but only if you two are very close.

Can you have a boyfriend when you are ten?

Not really, more like a close best friend.

My boyfriend has a close girl friend and I'm jealous?

Live with it or you will lose him

What if your best friend and you are not as close as you use to be and now you like he ex boyfriend and you think he likes you to but you don't know if you could do that to her what should you do?

Be boyfriend & girlfriend. Your friend shouldn't care because he is her OLD or EX boyfriend:-)

What do you do if your friend thinks you are more of a girlfriend to her boyfriend than she is cause you are really close?

Then talk to her about it. You could be close to him, but don't do anything crazy. You know the friend code.

What to do when your friend likes you and you have a boyfriend but you don't want either of them to get mad?

You didn't say whether your friend was male or female. Either way, a friend is a friend and if you have a mature boyfriend then they would understand. Never give up your close friends over one boyfriend simply because he may get mad. Introduce this friend to your boyfriend and try to give some time to your friend, but the majority of your time to your boyfriend. If your boyfriend does not like it then it's a sign of immaturity and jealousy.

What are the signs of my best friend is flirting with my boyfriend?

She is always arguing with him and talking with him and they are really close

What do you call a boy who is nearly your boyfriend?

Close friend until it becomes more than that.