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"No." is a good place to start

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Q: What do you say when someone asks you if you play sports and you don't?
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When someone asks you why you play game?

for time pass

Do Obamas kids play sports?

No they dont.

Do you have to play at least 3 sports to graduate high school?

no you dont have to play any sports

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they dont like to play sports by:onyae symone rush

How do peoples lives who play sports compare to people who dont play sports?

Yes, I've played sports all my life i just think if you dont play your health won't be as good as the person that does play sports but there are people that arn't able to partisipate in them.

Why don't very many kids play sports in high school?

Why dont kids play sports in high school?

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you dont let them play

How many kids in the US dont play sports?


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i dont think there is any.

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They dont play as well.

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if you dont sleep then you play terribly

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Some people dont want to play sports, and those people dont suffer! It all depends on what you like to do.

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i dont think so he was mostly into politics

What percentage of kids that play sports are physically fit?

i dont know 50%

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i dont know why you asking me??

Why students dont have to get good grades to play sports?

At my school they do they have to have a 2.50 GPA

Why should people not play sport?

somepeople might not like sports and they dont want to play them its there choice

Can you say you play piano?

Certainly. If someone asks if you play a musical instrument, you may say" Yes, I play piano." The " the " being implied.

Who invented sports photography?

Someone who had a camera at a game but not the talent to play.

What sports do they play in Mexico?

soccer mostly but they dont call it that they call it futbol.Type your answer here...

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I dont bloody know you tell me

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