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Most of the lectures in Asia e University are very experience Proffesors who have retired from reputable public universities in Malaysia. Some are renowned Proffesors. For example for Phd programme , for research methodology, each topic is taught by the expert on that particular topic. Chapter 1 is taught by a very experience Proff and a Phd graduate from Oxford University, UK.Chapter 2 is taught by 1 Lecturer and 1 Proffesor. The same also for other chapters.

In term of liabrary, the AeU subscribe good resources such as Proquest E-Thesis that provide access to over thousands of Thesis from USA and UK , EBCO Host , etc.

In term of students profile, some of the students are doing their 2nd Phd, there are also graduate with Master from top school in USA such as Stanford University.

You can view Asia e University for further information.

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Q: What do you think about Asia e University and IBDL. Does it provide a good education?
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