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Q: What do you think about the Arctic Wildlife National Refuge?
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What is the name of the human settlement on the north coast of the refuge?

I think it's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Not sure, though.

Do you find bald eagles at Carolina Sandhills national wildlife refuge?

yes you do but they are hard to spot i think

What is the national park of Nevada?

Anaho Island National Wildlife RefugeArtesia Lake State Wildlife Management AreaAsh Meadows National Wildlife RefugeAsh Meadows National Wildlife Refuge OfficeBeaver Dam State ParkBerlin-Ichthyosaur State ParkBluster National Forest CampgroundCathedral Gorge State ParkCave Lake State ParkDayton State ParkDesert National Wildlife RangeFallon National Wildlife RefugeFloyd R Lamb State ParkForty Mile State Park (historical)Gallagher State Fish HatcheryGreat Basin National ParkGreat Basin National Park Visitor CenterHumboldt National ForestHumboldt State Wildlife Management AreaInyo National ForestJarbidge National Forest CampgroundKershaw-Ryan State ParkLake Mead National Recreation AreaLake Tahoe State ParkLake Tahoe State Park Boat RampMoapa Valley National Wildlife RefugeMount Charleston National Recreation TrailPahranagat National Wildlife RefugePavalak National Forest CampgroundPine Creek National Forest CampgroundRuby Crest National Recreation Trail HeadRuby Lake National Wildlife RefugeRuby Lake National Wildlife Refuge HeadquartersSawmill National Forest CampgroundSheldon National Wildlife RefugeSnyder Meadows State ParkSpring Mountain Ranch State ParkSpring Valley State ParkStillwater National Wildlife RefugeToiyabe National ForestValley of Fire State ParkWalker Lake State ParkWard Charcoal Ovens State ParkWashoe Lake State ParkWinnemucca National Wildlife Refuge (historical)I don't really think that there a specific Park that Nevada likes more than another, they have a lot!

Is corbett national park a wildlife sanctuary?

Yes, I think Jim Corbett National Park is a Wildlife sanctuary. But I am not sure

What is the difference between national parks and wildlife sanctuaries?

National parks and wildlife sanctuaries definitely has a huge difference, and I think you're smart enough to know that, (right?) bcuz like national parks duznt provide as much freedom and care for the animals, while wildlife sanctuaries (yeah WILDLIFE) are made wild for animals to roam (and eat idiots like u) (jk) (and i really mean jk) (sorry)

What wildlife lives in cold temperatures?

Well, there's the arctic fox. Penguins. Whales. Seals. Polar Bear. Some fish. That's all I can think of.

What is the smallest animal in the arctic tundra?

I think the smallest arctic animal is the arctic wolf

Where did Stanley think that Zero might have taken refuge?


Which animal is an Arctic omnivore?

The Arctic Ground Squirrel is the only Arctic animal I can think of that is an omnivore.

Where do animal will be happier zoo or wildlife sanctuary?

where do you think animals will happy zoo or wildlife santarius

What are the disadvantages of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks?

I do not think that there are any disadvantages of such sanctuaries simply because people who are responsible for them , the are doing there best to save endangered animals .

Why do gray whales like the Arctic Ocean?

I think because there is fishes in the arctic

Do you think awarness is a must for conserving wildlife?


What animal is better raptiles wildlife?

I think both

What environment does the Arctic fox live in?

Arctic/subarctic environment's, think northern Canada.

Why do turtles no exist in the arctic and Antarctic?

i think it is too cold for turtles in the arctic or antarctica

Why do you think farming did not develop extensively in the Arctic and sub arctic regions?

Frozen soil.

Why do you think farming did not develop extensively in the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions?

Frozen soil.

How much is Remington serial 25th 00866 NWTF worth?

I think you are talking about a shotgun for the National Wildlife Turkey Foundation. With no other information I would be guessing 250-500.

Do foxes live in the Arctic?

some do. the arctic fox i think lives there. if not there is almost always foxes there.

What year did the arctic cat 1000 come out?

The arctic cat thindercat came out in 1997, I think.

Is the Arctic cold?

In my own opinion,i think that arctic this name sounds like it is a cold environment.

Do you think public awareness is a must for conserving wildlife?


When did wildlife photography start?

i think it startes in 18 century

Are macaws mostly in the wildlife in Brazil?

I think yes, in the Amazon.