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because he started drawing with dots.

Coal for drawing and oil paint for painting.

no, i think he was not rich.

Georges SEURAT has written: 'Georges Seurat'

Pilar Seurat is 5' 3".

Georges Seurat is from Paris,France.

There is no Seurat painting of that name.

i think you'll be after Seurat there tho Vlamink can get quite dotty at times....

Georges Seurat was a pointillist or neo-impressionist.

Georges Pierre Seurat was raised in Paris, France. His father, Antoine-Chrysostome Seurat, was a customs official who was often away from home, so Seurat and his brother, Emile, and sister, Marie-Berthe, were raised primarily by their mother, Ernestine (Faivre) Seurat. Seurat received his earliest art lessons from an uncle. Later in life, he had a common-law wife, Madeleine Knoblauch and a son, Pierre-Georges Seurat.

Georges Seurat was born in Paris on December 2, 1859. Georges Seurat died in Paris on March 29, 1891.

'A Sunday in the Park' is not the title of a Seurat painting.

Why do you think people were so interested in seeing Hooke's drawing?

Pilar Seurat was born on July 25, 1938, in Manila, Philippines.

He was a famous French painter. His style of painting was impressionism.

As a painter, Georges Seurat (along with Signac) pioneered the use of Pointillism.

george seurat used pointillism which means he didnt mix colours

george seurat was 31 yrs old when he died he used pointillism in his paintings

the disadvantages is that , the isometric drawing is not always to scale so for example if you was to draw a wardrobe in isometric drawing , then you could think its a to scale drawing when it isnt

A drawing that is 3-demensional is like a cube or a rectangular prism. i think...

I have no idea. I can't think of anything. I'm drawing a blank.

Georges Seurat went to school at the School of fine arts in Paris.

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