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Why not as a mater of fact it happened to me a couple of times and it feels quite good. There is no reason why a female should not make her feelings known if she so wishes.

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Can a girl make the first move like a wink?

Of course. I think?

Is it ok that the girl must do the first step to her crush because he is shy?

Sure there is no harm is the girl making the first move. If you like someone then go for it.

How do you get a guy that you like to talk to you without making the first move?

One way that a girl can get a guy to talk to her without making the first move is to have your friends talk to him. You can also come across his path and see if he talks to you first.

What do I do if I like a girl and I think she likes me too but I don't know?

go for it and ask her out or make a move, she's probably just waiting on you to make the first move! trust me: ima girl! im a girl, i had to make the first move for my first boyfriend, but i wouldve really liked it if hed said something first. so if you think you're ready, go for it!

Who should make the first move to kiss the boy or the girl?

i think the Boy but now in days i think is ok for a girl to do it tooo..

Do you have to be funny when making the first move on a girl you like?

no, you dont have to. I love it when boys are sweet or funny but as long as your not a jerk your good.

If you like a boy and think he likes you too but aren't certain should you confront him or leave him to make the first move?

Well if you think he likes you but doesnt talk to you, then he's really shy. You shouldn't make the first move. Ask a close friend of his to 'nudge' him into making the first move

Why do guys think girls should make the first move?

Fear of rejection. If the girl makes the first move, then fear is removed. Not all guys think this way. Of course it really doesn't matter who makes first move as long as both parties are consenting and prefferably adults

Do girls want guys to make the first move?

yah girls do want the guy to make the first move. And if you are scared to make the first move because you think she doesn't want you to just look for signs that she wants you to and after you make the first move she will go with it and will probably be more comfortable making the first move next time

Should guys make the first move or the girl make the first move?

i feel they guy should make this first move but if you are a girl and confindient enought ask a guy out Ohh come on! That is such a sexist attitude! Why should we guys have to be pressured into asking a girl out or making the first move? I wish girls would start making the first move for once! no, i think guys should make the fist move because girls never want to and guys should be confident enough ... girls have 2 go through pain 2 have a baby and periods so guys should make the first move ok so here's the deal. I like a guy and I know he likes me. I and the majority of girls are really nervous. if your not sure if he likes you (from a girls point of veiw) ask him out. If you know he likes you wait because he's probably nervous too, but if he does like you he'll ask you out. Hey, I'm a girl, and I think it depends on the guy or girl. If the guy's shy, the girl should make the first move, and vice versa. But overall, I think it's the guy's responsibility to make the first move cause us girls normally are too afraid to do it ourselves!! Hope that helps!! GOOD LUCK WITH IT!!! in my case i asked out my boyfriend because i knew he liked me but he just wanted me to ask. but i think boys should make the first move because i know girls are shy and im 1 of them. p.s. my boyfriend hugs me all the time but i havent huged him 1 because im a scardy cat and im a really shy person. and its hard when he doesnt want any1 to know but all your friends know. hope that helped

Should the girl make the first move?

she make the first move when she feels ready

How do you move on from a girl who you love and think about all the time?

find another girl

Is making the first move going on a date?

not entirely sure, but making the first move signifies that you are telling that person you want to be more than friends.

How do you get someone you have a crush on to be your girl friend?

I'm a girl but I think the most important thing to do is TALK. Go up to her. As unfair as you think it may be, YOU are the guy. So that means YOU need to make the first move.

Make first move?

if you are a boy, then yes. Girls normally love that. Glad to help! huh???????????????????????? Making the first move is a way of describing how a guy would approach a girl who he does not know in order to flirt with her and/or get her phone number for dinner or something else later. And yes, guys should always make the first move, but guys also like it when, once they have made the first move, the girl takes the initiative later on.

Should the girl make the first move on a guy?

Yes. It is completely acceptable this day and age for a girl to make the first move on a guy.

Who makes the move first the boy or girl?

Traditionally, the boy. But in modern times, it doesn't matter. Either person can make the first move. In fact feminists claim that the tradition of the boy making the first move dates back to the days when the girl had very little choice in who her partner is. These days we are all equal, so, it doesn't matter who moves first. But, if you want to be traditional, it's the boy.

If you see a girl in the road or mall and you like her What's the best thing to do?

First of all the girl may or may not like you. So your first step is to find out if they do. Once you find they do like you try making a move, you have nothing to loose.

Where when how should you make the first move from the guys standpoint?

I'm a girl and I think the guy should make the first move when your alone (not with any of your friends or her friends) and when if feels right. Remember to have confidence and good luck.

What does it mean when a girl tries to make the first move?

When a girl tries to make the first move, it means she likes you. She may be trying to find out if you like her in return.

What to do when both have crush on each other?

Make the first move. Take it slow, if that's what both of you are most comfortable with, but making the first move shows how confident you are in the relationship that you will form with them, especially for girls, since it's normal for guys to make the first move, but it usually takes more confidence for the girl to make the first move. (sorry guys)

What are some dirty questions to ask a guy?

Dirty Questions To Ask A Guy: Do you prefer making out or cuddling? What is the best kiss you have ever had? What is your type? Do you think about me when we are not together? What is your opinion on a girl making the first move? Do I make you nervous? Have you ever had a dream about me? What is your position on premarital sex?

Help your gf broke up with you because she saw another girl makeout with you but yet you didnt makeout with her she made the first move help?

Who cares if she made the first move, you were still making out with her, correct? You could have stopped at any moment in time.

Cute ways to ask out a girl?

Here is my advice, coming from a girl. We like it when you make the first move. I can't really think of a specific way to say it aside from will you go out with me, but make sure youre alone with her first

How do you do the move on a girl?

hold her hand grasp her look her in the eyes..that is the awesomest move ...that i can think of...or just u know talk to i think the girl likes you..soo go for it..