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What do you think of fish tycoon?


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February 09, 2010 12:02AM

Fish Tycoon is a well designed game and an attractive one. Yes, it's tedious waiting for fish to hatch, but there are plenty of tips and tricks on the net to help overcome even the most impatient among us.

What baffles me is that there is a poster on the wall of the shop that shows fish I blowed if I can produce. I'd love someone to tell me how to obtain some of those spectacular beauties, especially that purple one with the fanned tail and HUGE fins.

Overall, it's fun, safe for kids, and makes a great screen saver while you do some chores and cast an occasional eye over the screen to see if those baby fish have finally developed into something significant. Having said that, you have to be a sim game fan to enjoy this or other games that play in 'real' game time. Waiting is part of the process.

I LOVE that game!Its awesome!Why do you ask?