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countries have power and Germany to stop fighing

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Q: What do you think will happen after world war 2 and why?
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What do the french think should happen to Vietnam after World War 2?

They should do what they think is best

If somthing like World War 2 didn't happen would people think of war as ok today?


Did World War 2 happen before the cold war?

Yes, the Cold War was after World War 2

What war happen in 1941?

World War 2

Did this happen in World War 1 or World War 2 ended with Germany defeat in 1945?

World War 2

What did the soviet union think should happen to European nations after world war 2?

go to the communist side

How did Britain prevent World War 2?

Apparently they didn't, because World War 2 DID happen.

What if World War 2 and World War 1 had not happen?

cheese wolud rule the world

How do you think about World War 2?

I think that world war 2 was a very upsetting time for families and children!

When did an invasion happen in world war 2?


What 2 places did world war 2 happen?

World war 2 happend across Europe, Africa, Asia and in the pacific.

What was the US impact in the ending of World War I?

i dont think that there was an anding for this war because it was inevitable. I mean i guess it had to happen and it was just weird how after like 20 ears later world war 2 began.