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What do you think will help to develop your country?

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the research will help country to develop but must have indictors of development the research will help country to develop but must have indictors of development

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How does the formartion of development region help to develop the feeling of unity?

because to develop the country

How can nstp students help develop your country?


How did Chinese inventions help china to develop wealth and prosperity?

The Chinese inventions help china to develop wealth and prosperity by trading things with other country.

How did Pocahontas help develop her country?

Pocahontas was married to John Rolfe

How did japan's culture help the country develop economically?

Japan's culture definitely helped the country to develop economically. This is because what Japan valued could also be sold for a profit.

Is Cambodia a develop country?

Yes, Cambodia is being develop. I think you thought Canada! Cambodia is not yet a developed country, but it contains lots of interesting places like angkor what?

Why were civil liberties restricted during the years of 1917 -1919?

Because during the WW1 time, they didnt want anyone from another country to backstab them. Or develop information about their country to help another country. Because during the WW1 time, they didnt want anyone from another country to backstab them. Or develop information about their country to help another country.

Who usually pay the president and from which money is the president using to develop the country?

I think is the senate members that pay the president and the president do not use his money to develop the country he uses tax money to take care of the country.

How did a system of writing help the Inca civilization develop?

It helped know the religion of that country

How can you develop my country?

I can not develop your country, the development of your country is up to you and your countrymen/women.

Why is it important to do planning and develop tourism?

If you are a developing country that is trying to bring in tourist this would be very important. Planning and developing tourism in an under developed country will be good for the overall economy and can help develop a country that would otherwise be left under developed and its citizens would be left without jobs and the ability to imporve their lives. Planning and developing tourism can also help develop infrastructure and superstructure, help with education and technology in the host country as well.

What two systems work together to help a fetus grow and develop?

i think one of them is endocrine

Why students attend university?

For me, I think that people attend university because their goal.some people think that if they graduate from university they can get good job.So they can earn some money for provide to their family. Other thing their think that, when they leave from university they can help their country to develop. All in all for Money.

Which country has the most hotels?

I think Chennai because Chennai is the most popular and develop city in India

What did Bill Gates do to help this country?

he helped the country by i think being a president . why are you asking this question

How did its geography help Sumer to develop?

How did its geography help sumer to develop

Does modern dressing style help India develop?

no! but i think that dressing or any type of thinks like facion never help us

Why is it important for a country to develop as much industry as possible?

it is important for a country develop as much industry

How can big businesses help develop a country?

Business help the country in the following away. they are as follow. 1.when any types of business is established then there will be increasement of employment opportunities. help to increase the gross domestic product of the country as well as income of the country. 3.It also help to make the country by providing different types of good service at good time at good place.

Why do you think that American heroes risked their lives in the war?

To help there country

What does a country need to develop?

for a country to develop it needs resources, people and some sort of system to follow

How do you develop citizenship?

Performing community service and volunteering can help develop the traits of citizenship. To become a citizen of a country, contact their immigration department. Your question is not specific enough to warrant a better answer.

What is the importance of transportation for development of country?

to develop the country.

How does the stepping reflex help the fetus develop?

It will develop walking.

Is it the school's role to help children develop into adults?

I don't think so, but I need some feedback on this issue. Please answer!