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Q: What do you understand by bleeding in Thermodynamics?
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What things must i go over to fully understand thermodynamics and mechanics?

My university thermodynamics professor (who held a Ph.D. in the subject) told his graduate thermodynamics class "Nobody ever really understands thermodynamics, they just get used to it." He was being a little facetious, but not entirely.

Who had the idea of perpetual motion machines?

Lots of people who don't understand thermodynamics very well. (Perpetual motion machines are not possible.)

What is the study of conversion of heat to mechanics?


Is the first law of thermodynamics simply the conservation of energy applied to thermal systems?

I understand both to be equivalent. It is for historical reasons that the law has two different names.

How is the thermodynamics process related to the 1st law of thermodynamics?


Applictions of thermodynamics in textile process?

applications of thermodynamics in textile

How do you you use thermodynamics in a sentence?

My college thermodynamics course was a beast...

What is the study of the flow of energyheat and work?

The answer is "Thermodynamics"

What is a synonym and an antonym for Thermodynamics?

The word thermodynamics does not have a synonym or an antonym.

What has the author Jesse Seymour Doolittle written?

Jesse Seymour Doolittle has written: 'Thermodynamics for engineers' -- subject(s): Thermodynamics 'Engineering thermodynamics: theory and applications' -- subject(s): Thermodynamics

What has the author Stanley I Sandler written?

Stanley I. Sandler has written: 'Chemical, biochemical, and engineering thermodynamics' -- subject(s): Textbooks, Thermodynamics, Biochemical engineering, Chemical engineering 'An introduction to applied statistical thermodynamics' -- subject(s): Thermodynamics, Statistical thermodynamics, Industrial applications

Is the laws of energy thermodynamics is a part of physics?

Thermodynamics is part of physics.