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The Neolithic Age was when they went through the farming revolution and became not just hunter gathers but farmers. It marked a move from nomadic living.

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the term neolithic refers to the last stage of the stone age. The discovery of agriculture marks the beginning of the New Stone Age.

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i don't now

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Q: What do you understand by term Neolithic age?
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What is another term for new stone age?

the neolithic age

What does the term neolithic actually mean?

neolithic actually means the new stone age

What is the new stone age also called?

The Neolithic age..

When did the neolithic age start?

The neolithic age began in the 10,000 BC's

What is neolithic in a sentence?

The neolithic age was the one when neolithic weapons were used. It was a part of the stone age also.

What is a neolithic age?

THE neolithic age was when humanity began to develop agriculture. It came after the Paleolithic age.

What discovery started the neolithic age?

The discovery that started the neolithic age was farming

What discovery began the neolithic age?

the discovery that started the neolithic age was farming

What are the two other names of the Neolithic revolution?

neolithic age, new stone age

What is another name for the new stone age?

The Neolithic time period or the Neolithic Age.

What are facts about a communties in the Neolithic Age?

what are two important facts about communities in the neolithic age

What came after Neolithic?

After the Neolithic was the Chalcolithic or Copper Age. After that was the Bronze Age. There are links below.

What were the Main differences of the Paleolithic age and the Neolithic age?

paleolithic people were cavemen and neolithic are farmers

Who used the term Neolithic revolution?

The term Neolithic revolution was first used by the man V. Gordon Childe.V. Gordon Childe was the first man to use the term Neolithic revolution.

What came after the Neolithic age?

The Bronze Age

What was the age when farming began?

The Neolithic Age.

How did Neolithic age get its name?

The Neolithic age was also known as the New Stone Age. It was called Neolithic because people in that age were still using stone tools, but were using them in upgraded and different ways.

What are facts about trade in the neolithic age?

if we didnt have a trade in the neolithic age then how ar e we going to do war

What were the names of some of the key settlements of the Neolithic age?

What were the names of some of the key settlements of the Neolithic age?

What took place during the Neolithic Age?

The farming revolution took place during the Neolithic Age.

What is the neolithic era?

The Neolithic followed the Paleolithic Period, or age of chipped-stone tools, and preceded the Bronze Age, or early period of metal tools. A brief treatment of the Neolithic Period follows. For full treatment, see Stone Age: Neolithic and technology: The Neolithic Revolution.

What happened in the Neolithic age?

The Neolithic age was a big turning point for humankind. This is the age when people learned how to farm and how to domesticate animals.

Name the neolithic three phases of stone age?

the three phases are Paleolithic Age, the Mesolithic Age, and the Neolithic Age P.S. this was solved by a child

When did neolithic start?

If you mean the Neolithic age then: The Neolithic Age, Era, or Period, or New Stone Age, was a period in the development of human technology, beginning around 9500 BC in the Middle East.

What is the age after the Paleolithic age called?

The Neolithic Era