Stone Age

Characterized by the use of stone tools, the Stone Age is the earliest known period of human culture. During this age, people first made implements and weapons of stone. The Stone Age is the most ancient of the three subdivisions of the ancient past in the three-age system.

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Stone Age

What jobs did the Neolithic people have to do?

Neolithic people farmed! The Neolithic Age marked the beginning of agriculture. With all the farming going on, people had to stay in one place to take care of their crops. This made humans no longer nomadic. People still kind of hunted. They killed rabbits and other types of cookies in the past they were the cookie monsters

Stone Age
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Stone Age

What is another name for the Neolithic era?

The New Stone Age

Stone Age

Did early man use to drink water?

Humans have always needed to drink water. It's like breathing, we need the resources for our system.

Stone Age

How did stone age people transport?

Depending on where you were, you rode a horse, or you used your own two legs. Shocking, I know.

Stone Age

When did recorded human history begins?

The earliest actual written records, in the form of cuneiform clay tablets, date back to about 8,000 years ago. Dates are only approximate since there was no standard calendar at use in the ancient world.

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Stone Age

What development of the Neolithic Age is called a revolution?

It is the change of human societies from Hunter-Gatherer to Agricultural.

Stone Age
Similarities Between

Similarity between Modern age and stone age?

The only similarities between societies in todays first world nations, and the first Neolithic villages is that both societies were composed of people, and some of those people farmed.

Stone Age

What time does the Neolithic revolution refer to?

Ridding China of counter-revolution elements.

Stone Age

Why did the people of Skara Brae leave?

to eat rabbits

Stone Age
Iron Age

The ancient nordic tribe of cannibals the wendor?

The Wendol were a relict group of Neanderthals. They were fictional, and can be found in the book the 13th Warrior (Eaters of the Dead) by Michael Crichton.

Stone Age

How was transportation in the old stone age?

it was basically walking

Ancient History
Stone Age

How were animals tamed in new stone age?

Wolves naturally hung around with humans, as they had some sort of spiritual connection. Wild dogs did the same, and eventually were bred and tamed into domestication. The dogs you see today are descendants of those that first befriended man about 15 thousand years ago.

Stone Age

Why were stone tools important to early humans?

To build things like homes and to hunt animals so they could have shelter and food.

Stone Age
The Difference Between

What is the difference between aging and old age?

Old age is a noun "age" modified by the adjective "old". Aging is the process of becoming aged (ie old).

Middle Ages
Stone Age

What is another name for the middle stone age?

The Middle Stone Age is also called the Middle Paleolithic or Mesolithic Ages. There are two different systems of naming.

One has Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages, with the Middle Stone Age being equivalent of the Middle Paleolithic Age.

The other divides the Stone Age into the Old Stone Age, or Paleolithic, the Middle Stone Age or Mesolithic, and the New Stone age or Neolithic.

Stone Age

What did the stone age use to make paint?


Stone Age

Why do you think primitive people used the walls of caves for their paintings?

Because they had nowhere else to draw. If primitive people did paint or draw extensively on other surfaces, then it is only the work done on cave walls that remains. An immeasurable amount of ancient and prehistoric culture has simply crumbled into dust.

In another aspect, caves were very often used for religious or communal purposes. The paintings were decorations for their enjoyment or for mystical and religious use. Although it is popular to think that most or all primitive people lived in caves, very few of them actually did.

History of Asia
Ancient History
Stone Age

In what area of the world did the Neolithic Revolution first occur?

the neolithic revolution first occurred in the Mesopotamian area.

Stone Age

What skill did people develop during the new stone age?

They learned to make tools out of stone and sticks to fight their wars.

Stone Age
Iron Age

What years were the iron age?

i like eggs

The Rolling Stones
Stone Age

What came before the stone age?

Ice Age? Just a guess...

Stone Age

Where did Paleolithic and Neolithic live?

They lived in Mesopotamia which is modern day Iraq and is in Asia

Stone Age

What is the role of metals in the progress of man?

You have heard about a distant era in the history called the stone Age. It was indeed a stepping stone in Man's epic journey towards civilization. But this journey took a giant strides when Man discovered an important group of elements in nature-metals. When copper became part of primitive man's life, the Stone Age faded into oblivion, and another important era ushered in-The Bronze Age.This was followed by the Iron Age, when weapons and tools came to be made of iron.

For ages,metals have faithfully served humanity in all its endeavors to conquer the elements, unravel the mysteries of Nature, and build powerful machines and installations. It was the tempting glory of the yellow metal,gold,that led to numerous blood sheds in history. Metal alloys like steel have been an indispensable material in construction since the Industrial revolution.

Stone Age
The Difference Between

What is the difference between the Neolithic and Paleolithic age?

The Neolithic period is also called the New Stone Age. It covers the period about 9000 to 3500 BC, from which archeologists have found polished stone tools, pottery, weaving, and evidence of livestock rearing, agriculture, and megaliths (huge stone constructions, such as Stonehenge). The Paleolithic period, from about 2 million BC to 10000 BC, is called the Old Stone Age. It was a time when humans used flint, stone, and bone tools, and found their food by hunting, fishing, and foraging plant foods. The Mesolithic period (sometimes called the Epipaleolithic period) took place between the end of the paleolithic and the beginning of the neolithic periods.


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