Mesopotamia is the land between the Tigris and Euphrates and site of several ancient civilizations.

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What did sumerians kings do?

they keep order and try to keep there people happy plus solved promblems


Give two cultural contributions of the Sumerians?

Their king, Hamurabi, established schooling and the sumerians designed a way to transport water without using pipes to higher ground level. They also created cuneiform, a complex form of pictograms and the first known form of writing.

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What was Hammurabi's greatest accomplishment?

Hammurabi's Code

The violent laws that kept his civilization in order. Based on social structure. i.e. Not too bad to kill slaves, but very bad to kill higher class. The saying "an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth" came from these codes. Also based Justinian's Laws


How did the Sumerians advance their civilization?

They advanced their civilization by advancing in mathematics and cuneiform

they developed writing, religion, technology, arts, government, agriculture, raise animals, trade, and different jobs.

What did the sumerians call their wedge shaped alphabet?

Archaeologists call the Sumerian writing system "cuneiform".

We do not know what the Sumerians called it.


Where do Mesopotamians live?

They live in what is now modern day Iraq between the Tigris river and the Tigris river

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What did the Akkadians eat?

Wheat, barley, cheese, dates, grapes, almonds, lettuce, mutton and melons.

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What kind of government did ancient Nineveh have?

Autocratic Monarchy (a King and queen)

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The area between the Tigris and Euphrates River is called?

The area between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers is called Mesopotamia.

In Greek:

meso = between

potamos = river


What benefits did the river provide for ancient civilizations in Mesopotamia?

it provided water for drinking and an easy route for transportation. the river also helped with merchant trading because people could just go down the river to the next town

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What are some ancient Mesopotamian words that begin with the letter Q?

A Q word for Ancient Mesopotamia is quiver.

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What are the characteristics of akkadian?

Characteristics. Continuous linguistic changes occurred during the long history of Akkadian. Old

Akkadian is a practical, collective term for the writings of the 3rd millennium which are not linguistically uniform. Compared to later dialects, Old Akkadian still preserved more of the original Semitic

consonants and archaic forms. Most of the Old Assyrian texts were unearthed in modern Kültepe

(eastern Turkey) because of the intensive Assyrian

trading activity in the area. Contrary to Old Babylonian and later dialects, Old Assyrian preserved certain adjacent vowels uncontracted. On the other

hand, most of the modern grammars of Akkadian

are based on Old Babylonian. It is considered the

classical and ideal form of the language whereupon, from Middle Babylonian onward, a literary

Akkadian was based called Standard Babylonian or

Hymnal-Epic Dialect. Myths, epics, and many royal

inscriptions are written in Standard Babylonian.

Thousands of Old Babylonian letters discovered in

Mari in modern Syria form one of the major archives written in Akkadian cuneiform. In Middle

Babylonian and Middle Assyrian, which are both

less well-known dialects than those of the preceding and successive periods, case endings lose distinction, final m is lost from nominal forms, and

phonetic changes occur. Increasing Aramaic influence is attested in Neo-Assyrian and Neo-Babylonian, and it is possible that only the urban elite

spoke Akkadian at the end of this era. Early late

Babylonian, at least, was in all probability a living

and spoken language.

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What is behistun and how was it discovered?

Behistun is a rock it was discovered by a German scholar named Grotefend in order to find out what the sumerians writing ment.


Were sumerians Jews?

No. Abraham lived among them, but was not related to them. His family originated further north and was Semitic. Also, Abraham's beliefs were the polar opposite of those of the Sumerians. See also:

More about Abraham

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How did ancient farmers pay taxes in Mesopotamia?

In the olden days you did no pay with money in mesopotamia you would pay in things like grain or clothe but if you didnot pay you would have to work as a slave for 3 years!

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Is a ziggurat still used today?

Yes, ziggurats are still used today but they are not called the same thing. Since ziggurats are like temples/worships for God, what comes to my mind are churches. We go to church for special learning's of God's life, and for praying, and to talk to God. Hope this helped(:


How was Mesopotamia's farmland?

Their farmland was rich, and they can produce lot more than they could eat, so they traded with other countries.


How do you describe Mesopotamia's irrigation system?

Irrigation is supplying land with water from another place using a network of canals.


Did Mesopotamia have tattoos?

No, they just found out how to use a wheel! They have a long way to go.

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How did the Fertile Crescent get its name?

The land was fertile because of all the silt that entered the ground around the Nile. It had an abundance of crops and vegetation.

Also, the shape of the land is was in the form of a crescent: an arc shape.

The key elements were the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers which supplied the water which made the fertile land productive and washed down new soil to maintain the fertility.

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What motivated Mesopotamia conquest of far-reaching territories?

The need for vital resources. (:


What did Mesopotamian people use as math?

they used the place value system


What allowed for the development of civilization in mesopotamia?

Mohandas Gandhi

Why was Mohandas Gandhi shot?

He was assassinated by a young Hindu who felt that M.K. Gandhi was more of a hindrance to India than an asset. He (Gandhi) supported the partition of India into a country for Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains, etc. and one country for Muslims. He had also leveraged the Indian government to give the newly formed Pakistan monetary aid.

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Some say that nationwide groups were involved in a conspiracy to assassinate him, but those groups have been acquitted of any charges.
Mohandas Gandhi was assassinated because the assassin (Nathuram Godse) believed Gandhi was responsible for weakening India by insisting upon a payment [55 crores rupees] to Pakistan.

The assassin (Godse) was a Hindu nationalist with links to the extremist Hindu Mahasabha.

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