What do you use as a worm farm?

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ussually, compost piles. if you want to contain the worms you cound put your compost inside of a bin.

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Q: What do you use as a worm farm?
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If you are worm farming worm how do they drink?

They just drink naturally and they use lips to drink water if you have a worm farm.

Why might one have a worm farm?

Worm farms are beneficial both to the farm owner and to the planet. You make nutritional soil to use and that soil helps the planet by being nutritional.

How To Make A Worm Farm?

put them into a animal farm.

How do you collect worm pee from a worm farm?

normally have a pipe out the bottom of a plastic bin worm farm and just put a bucket underneath spout.

What is a worm farm and what its purpose is?

A worm farm is where people feed, grow and care for worms. A worm farms purpose is to make and sell fertilizer. And you don't want to know what that's made out of.

How do you describe a worm farm?

it has a lotof worms

What is the best way to regulate the temperature in a worm farm?

The ideal temperature for a worm farm so the worms can breed is 65 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit (18 - 25 degrees Celsius). If you live in a warm climate, place your worm farm in the shade, in the garage or shed, or even inside, as a properly managed worm farm has no smell. On a very hot day you can run cooling water through your worm farm (open the tap at the bottom) and then cover with a wet blanket or tarpaulin.

How does a worm farm work?

A worm farm works by turning vegetable and fruit scraps into great fertilizer. This is a particularly popular process for people who like to compost.

What food do you put in a worm farm?

A mud or A plant.

How do you worm cows?

You can get orally administered wormer from a veterinarian who works on farm animals, or you can get a worm and pour product from a farm supply location like TSC. The worm and pour also works on skin conditons and skin parasites.

Examples of endoparasite of farm animals?

Liverfluke, Lung worm, Stomach Worm, Intestinal Worm, Tape worms, Round worms, Bladder worms.

What type of worms do you use in a worm farm?

You have to use compost worms, which are not the same as ordinary earthworms. Compost worms are usually red, blue or tiger worms and they can be bought by the thousand from nurseries or on the internet. You would need one or two thousand to start a worm farm, but with the right conditions, after a year, you might have 20 thousand worms.

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