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We use masks for celebrations, ceremonies, concerts etc.

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What were masks used for?

white masks were use for theater.

Do modern Egyptians use masks?

of course not we are not using masks !!

Did they use gas masks in WW1?

yes gas masks were used

What did the Aztecs use masks for?

They used them in religious ceremonies and as ornaments and they had death masks.

Do scientist use masks?

It depends what they are handling, if it is something toxic, then yes they will wear masks.

How long have people been wearing masks?

The use of masks goes back to the 1800s when inventors developed masks for the miners and soldiers. We still have our soldiers outfitted with gas masks.

What did the Inca use their masks for?

religious use religious use

What are the layers and masks in Photoshop?

To sum up, there are two primary types of masks in Photoshop: layer masks and clipping masks. Layer masks use values of gray to assign levels of transparency to specific portions of a layer or group of layers while clipping masks use the transparency of one layer to define that of a different layer or group of layers

What kind of facial masks are typically used on a face?

There are a lot of facial masks used on a face. Some popular used facial masks are green tea, mud, and cucumber masks. Most people like to use homemade masks also.

What do africans use their zebra masks for?


The different cultures that have used masks?

people use it so they show exasperation and for dances or celebration. People also use masks for decoration or they use it to preform and show exasperation's.

How do different countries and cultures use masks?

Different countries and cultures use masks in various ways. In most cases, masks are used as a form of art, in acting and as a symbol of something different from the true self among others.

Why do the Chinese use masks for opera?

the Chinese use masks for the opera because there was a lot of different moods for the opera and all the colours mean different things

What materials did Mayans use on their masks?

The most sacred ones (usually burial masks) were made out of Jade. Ceremony masks were made out of wood. Some masks were adorned with colored stones and decorative metals. Poor Mayans made masks out of palm tree bark or paper mache.

What do African people use masks for?

rituals and dances.

What are Tongan masks used for?

we usually use them for decoration

Can you use airsoft masks for paintball?

No, they will break and you will be injured.

Can you use an airsoft mask for paintball?

You can't use airsoft masks for paintball but YOU CAN use paintball masks for airsoft

Who were the first people to use masks?

Masks have been used by many different ancient cultures throughout the world. The masks used by indigenous tribes on many continents are some of the oldest.

What do they use to make Costa Rica masks?

they use wood dumb asses

Why did commedia preformers use half masks?

they use half masks becasue they make the audience get in the growqknbkebfm kj FM kdn ,dn s ,sn s groove

Do hummingbirds have masks?

Masks? No they do not have masks. They are birds.

Why do people wear venetian masks?

its use for karans culture

What is the use of mardi gras masks?

to scare the snot out of people

Why do people use masks in Africa?

so they look pretty