What do you use sodium carbonate for?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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well its a standard compound you'd start with to produce more elaborate organic products. its cheap and at your local drug store.

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Q: What do you use sodium carbonate for?
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What is the use of sodium carbonate in agriculture?

Sodium carbonate is not used in agriculture.

Uses of sodium carbonate?

Since sodium carbonate is called washing soap, the main use for it is cleaning.

Can you use sodium chloride or sodium carbonate in gargle?

Sodium chloride - yes.Sodium carbonate, NO, this is a cleaning product, basic and will damage the inside of the mouth and throat.

What is the ionic equation of sodium carbonate?

nickel sulfate + sodium carbonate -> sodium sulfate + nickel carbonate

Is sodium carbonate the same as sodium bicarbonate?

No. Sodium carbonate is Na2CO3. Sodium bicarbonate is NaHCO3. Sodium carbonate is a stronger base.

What is chemical is NaCO2?

Na2CO3 is commonly known as Sodium Carbonate.

Is sodium bicarbonate the same as sodium carbonate?

No Sodium carbonate is Na2CO3 while sodium bicarbonate is NaHCO3 Sodium carbonate is a stronger base.

Can you use sodium carbonate to kill mold?


Could 100 percent Sodium carbonate from the pool supply store be used as washing soda?

Yes, sodium carbonate is the same for use in the pool as for use in the laundry.

Would you need to use sodium carbonate for the diazotization of m-nitroaniline?

You need to use sodium carbonate when you are attempting to diazotize a poorly soluble acid, such as sulfanilic acid. m-nitroaniline isn't acidic, so adding sodium carbonate would have no effect.

Chemical formula of sodium carbonate?

Sodium carbonate is Na2CO3(the more familiar compound, baking soda, is sodium bicarbonate, NaHCO3)

What is the difference between sodium carbonate and sodium hydrogen carbonate when they are heated?

Unlike sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate will be dissociated while heating.