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When the banks been robbed, you find a secret part 2 of a map.

Go to the secret location on the map and use the invisibility one to get in.

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What do you do after you get the tonics on wild west island poptropica?

You must get the secret part 2 of the map .Then you must get on the train using the invisible stuff must stop the robbers, the rest of the tonics are for fun!

What do you trade in Poptropica wild wild west?

In poptropica you trade the golden nugget with the El Famoso R.J.Earl. He then gives you 5 tonics.

Where can you find the gold on wild west island on poptropica?

how can you find gold in wild-west island on poptropica.

What is the gold for on wild west island?

For the special tonics in Rocky Ridge or Dos Cactos

What do you do when you get the gold nugget in Poptropica the wild west?

After you get the gold nugget on Poptropica Wild-West Island you ride to "Dos Cactos" and give it to R.J Earl's (the man) next to the carnival carriage, he will give you 5 tonics: Transparency, Shrinking, Concentration, Noggin Nip and Beard Brew

Where is the saloon in wild west island Poptropica?

How do you get enter the saloon on poptropica

Where is the saddle on wild west island?

where is the saddle in poptropica

How do you keep the calf from leaving the ranch on wild west island?

go on google and type in,"Poptropica cheats for wild west island"

How do you get the gun in Poptropica?

buy the wild west island costume

How do you beat the 17th island on Poptropica?

The 17th Poptropica island was Wild West Island, released in March, 2011. (see the related question)

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