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If this is about a bicycle it'll depend on the style of crank you have. Maybe an Allen key or two, maybe a socket wrench, a crank puller, a pedal wrench. Then whatever tools your bottom bracket requires, there's a few options there too.

If this is about a motorbike, it's a hopeless question. There are too many steps involved in stripping an engine crank for it to be covered here. Many of them would be specific to your exact engine as well.

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Q: What do you use to strip a crank on a bike?
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Can you fit a 3 piece crank on a bmx which had a i piece crank?

Yes you can, but take it to a bike shop or someone who knows what they are doing

What are the things called attached to the pedals on a bike?

Cranks, or crank arms

Will a dirt bike crank when its low on gas?

yes it will crank, because cranking of the engine depends on the starting motor,it has nothing to do with fuel.But remember it will just crank not run.

Would a three piece crank for a touring bike work?

There's something missing from this question. If you are asking about translanting a crank from one bike to another, then the answer is "maybe". There are several different versions available, and not all can be interchanged.

How do you adjust engine timing on a dirt bike?

adjust your crank back a bit

Can you use an electric drill start a 175cc dirt bike motor?

No don't believe it would have enough torque to crank motor fast enough to start

Is a unsealed crank bad on a bike?

yes it can rust the inside barrings and its just bad

Is their a lever on a bike?

Yes. A bike will have several levers. The crank arms are levers, the brake levers are levers, the shifters are levers, the handle bar is a lever.

What Price for splendor plus bike crank shaft spare part?

what is the cost of head light doom of a hero Honda splendor bike in India.

Were do connect neon lights on a pocket bike?

Get l.e.d strip and a battry charge comes with it.

How do you get the front sprocket off of a Trek 6000 mountain bike?

I'm assuming that by "front sprocket" you are referring the gears attached to the crankarms, referred to as "chainrings". If you are removing the outer two rings, use a 5mm allen wrench to remove the four chainring bolts attaching the rings to the crank. To remove the inner ring, you will have to remove the crank from the bottom bracket, a process requiring a specialized tool known as a "crank puller". For either of these processes, though, consider consulting your local bike shop to make sure you are taking the correct approach and not damaging or degrading your bike.

How many parts are one a Bmx bike?

It depends if you have a 3 piece crank, spokes, brakes.