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What do you wear to a job interview?

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The rule of thumb is to always where something at least as nice as what you would wear to work there. If you want to work in an office, and people that work there wear suits, wear a suit. Some professions, such as journalism, have looser requirements. However, just to be safe, I would reccommend wearing dressy clothing.

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What should you wear to an interview?

This depends on the type of job you are interviewing for. It is common to wear business casual to an interview unless you are going for a sales job or a management position, then you would need to wear a suit.

What is the best color to wear in a job interview?

Wear a black suit and a red tie

What should you wear to a job interview in Hawaii?

You would not where a suit.

What to wear to a security guard job interview?

A nice suit .

Are miss you jeans to nice to wear to a job interview?

Jeans are NOT appropriate interview wear, even if you're going for a job as a janitor. A pair of slacks ( freshly pressed) is far more suitable.

What kind of clothes should you wear to a hospital job interview?

iam girl what kind dress i wear for job intervew in hospital

What do you wear to a lululemon job interview?

When you work at Lululemon they require you to wear one of their clothing items so I would assume to an interview you should wear some Lululemon but not to much.

Is it okay to wear a suit dress with jacket for a job interview?


What do you wear at a job interview at woolworths?

Would not suggest you get an interview with them as they are shutting down there last shop on the 5th January.

How do you find out the dress code for a job interview?

Job Interviews AnswerVisit the place of interview or simply ask how people dress. Dress slightly better than you would if you worked there for an interview. For instance, if you wear jeans on the job, weak khakis for the interview. If khakis and a polo are worn on the job, wear khakis and shirt with a tie. Wear a suit only if the company employees normally wear nice pants and shirt with a tie (like an office or law firm, etc.). You would be over dressed to wear a suit to an interview as a grocery store manager. Good luck! Job Interviews AnswerSimply ask when you set the interview. Best Bet, dress your best. There is no such thing as over dressing for a professional interview (unless you show up in a tux). If you are going after a labor job, dress business casual ie: khakis and a golf shirt.

What would you have to wear to a lifeguard job interview?

casual jeans and a nice shirt

What should you wear to a job interview for a truck driving position?

formal suit

What to wear to a construction job interview?

A hardhat and an orange safety vest, at least.

Name something you wear to the beach that you'd never wear to a job interview?

swimsuit, towel, life jacket

What to wear for a job interview at the zoo?

Nothing to flashy, just wear a t-shirt and pants depending on the weather.

What should you wear for a marketing job interview?

a thong or man-thong and nothing else

What should you wear to an interview to a gym job for the front desk?

Probably something professional, like you'd wear to any job interview. Overdressing probably wouldn't hurt, so if you're uncertain, aim for the more formal option.

Is it ok to have braids at a job interview?

Yes, if you are female and the braids in your hair look neat then its fine to wear them to a job interview working in a casual business office environment. If you are a man, braids are generally unprofessional to a job interview at a casual business interview. Neat-looking locs should be just fine instead.

What to wear to a job interview at a nursery?

What you wear to the interview must line up with what skills you bring to the job ... In other words, not only must you be qualified for the job but you must "look the part" ... I would stop by a nursery or two and see what the director or center manager wears then plan accordingly ...

What is the appropriate attire for an interview?

It depends on the job. Use common sense and wear what other employees at the place your applying for wear, maybe a little nicer if they just wear jeans and a t-shirt. You probably don't want to go to a job interview for a 7-11 cashier in a suit and tie.

What should you not wear for a job interview?

you should not wear casual clothes it makes a bad impression on the employer if he/she thinks your not smart and clean

What should you wear to a fast food interview?

I'm guessing you're going on a interview i would just wear somthing casual or somthing smart I don't know your style just wear what you normally wear unless you usally wear underpants. just be your self Dress for success! As with any interview, present yourself like you actually want the job.

Is it okay for a woman to wear a navy blue suit and a white shirt for a job interview?

Many job interviewers don't like women dressing like men for a job interview, but if it's a FEMININE outfit, it's okay.

What is considered appropriate attire for a job interview for a registered nurse?

You should wear professional attire for a job interview for a Registered Nurse position. Wear a suit, or nice dress, with 'sensible' shoes, clean hands/nails, and downplay make-up. Don't wear excessive perfume, make-up, or jewelry.

What should you wear to a whole foods job interview?

I wore black pants and a black floral blouse for my first interview and khaki capris and a white floral top to my second interview, and I got the job. I dressed semi-casual, but wasn't sure on jeans so I didn't wear them. I also have a nose ring, and a tattoo that was visible.