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i love you i miss you come back to me i was wrong to do what i did (if you did anything) .etc.


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If they have a girlfriend they do not want you back.

You write it "女朋友"

He said his brother cheated on his girlfriend and wanted her back. That inspired him to write the song.

Tell her you miss her and you made a mistake.If that doesn't work tell her you care about her and you'll do any thing to get her back

one was about his girlfriend and the other about his other girlfriend

No he didn't write it for his girlfriend because at that moment he was single. He didn't write it for a specific girl either!

If he has a girlfriend, don't go back. He will do the exact same thing to you, that he will have to do to his current girlfriend. Good Luck!

Is waka flocka's girlfriend young or old. If she is young or old how old is she/ I'm very curious. Please write back.

if your girlfriend cheated,you should end the relationship

I suggest you be more specific in asking what you should do about your ex girlfriend: do you want her back? does she want you back?, etc...

Write what you feel about her! Say that you love her with all your heart!

Just tell her to back off your girlfriend. If she understands that well she will back off herself. Otherwise you have to threaten her more.

no it's hopeless, unless you write her a love song and sing it to her in Texas naked on a gondola

write to me - write me back - write back.

Well, you have to think if you really like her or are you just jealous. If you are serious then you need to write her a note or tell her in person that you still have feelings for her, and tell her that you will be there for her no matter what descision she makes. Your girlfriend will be touched and most likely fall back for you. She will be glad that you are willing to be just friends and her boyfriend.

The best way to write a love letter to your girlfriend is to include key things that mark your relationship because the letter is to act as a testaments in the history of your love.

if you write fan mail to Ariana grande she will write back she is very sweet and she wants to show how she is about her fans that she loves them

Do whatever she did to u!

think about what you did to loose her

A person can get their ex-girlfriend back by apologizing and explaining how they have changed. They may do so by either writing her or contacting her in person.

call her. Ask her out for a movie. And then you will see if there exist a chance that she will be again your girlfriend.

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