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Enderman Can Take Blocks And Place Them. You Can't Really Stop This AS It Is Part Of minecraft. I Could Suggest Putting A Moat Around Whatever You Don't Want Being Taken AS Enderman Get Hurt By Water And Teleport Away :)

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Q: What do you you do if you keep losing random blocks minecraft?
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Where can you find seeds on minecraft pocket edition?

make a hoe and just keep hoeing random grass blocks eventually you'll et a seed

How long do you have to put your horse in the box to get a salt block on Howrse?

you get them at random times there's no specific timingit doesn't matter how many hours the salt blocks are just given at a random time so just keep putting your horses in the box.

How can you get a wither skull in minecraft?

simply kill wither skeltons that can be found in nether fortresses. there is a 0.8 percent chance that they will drop a wither head, however with a looting enchant this will be boosted up to a 2.5 percent chance.

When was If You Keep Losing Sleep created?

If You Keep Losing Sleep was created on 2007-10-09.

How do you find gold in minecraft on an iPod?

By mining deep down in the world. Remember that the deeper you go in your world, the more/better ores you will find so mine deep enough so you find bedrock (a black/grey stone that is impossible to break) and mine tunnels there or a like 2-3 blocks up. It is random so just keep mining until you find it.

How do you build a hidden door in Minecraft?

get a paintingmake two blocks (stacking)put a door next to the stacked blocks (remember to keep the door closed)keep putting the painting until you get a four-blocked paintinggo to the other side of the dooropen the doorgo to the other side of the door(as you can see, you can walk through the painting) (people wont know the magic painting)

How do you keep losing weight?

If you are already on the track of losing weight and want to keep going that direction simply keep up what you did to start losing weight. In general simply keep a healthy and balanced diet and do sports regularly and you should be fine.

How do you keep lions on Minecraft?

Lions can only be found on Minecraft if Mo' Creatures Mod is used. If you would like to keep your lions, keep the Mo' Creatures Mod.

Why do you keep losing connection to Roblox?


What do you do with topaz in mine blocks?

keep it in a chest

What can you do with topaz in mine blocks?

keep it in a chest

How do you get a dessert on Minecraft?

best thing to do is to keep walking in one direction, and you will most likely find the desert biome. as each world is generated at random it is impossible to say where the desert will be on the map youre playing on :) hope this helps.