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None. The constitution has a rather vague reference to the "heads of the great departments", stating that the president has the power to get their written opinions on important issues but that is about it. Michael Montagne

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Q: What document calls for the establishment of a cabinet?
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When did the president's cabinet meet?

The president meets with his cabinet whenever he calls a meeting. The frequency of these meetings varies with the president. President Obama rarely called a meeting of his entire cabinet.

When the president calls cabinet meetings today what is the purpose?

Seek support for policies.

What document signed by President Reagan directed the establishment of OPSEC programs and in what year did this document become law?

C. NSDD 298; in 1988

What is a presidential establishment?

The presidential establishment is essentially the same thing as the Executive branch of the government of the United States of America. It is made up of the president, the vice president, the cabinet, and the executive office.

What document requires the establishment of an army unit safety program?

Ar 385-19

Who presides over the cabinet?

The president calls and presides over any cabinet meetings. My understanding is that President Obama has called only one or maybe two cabinet meeting since his term began in 2008. The president is , of course , the boss over the cabinet if that is what you are asking.

The establishment of a cabinet system for the Texas executive branch would?

The hope of creating a cabinet system for the Texas executive branch would be that it would lead to greater accountability. Texas became a state in 1845.

What is the publicly displayed religious document that caused the Court to split on wether the establishment clause was violated?

Ten Commandments

What are used to document a program and improve its readability?


What document did president Lincoln bring his cabinet together to read before he made it public?

The Emancipation Proclamaition

Who is last in line for succession to the us president?

The Secretary of Homeland Security is the last in line. The ranking is made in the historical order of the establishment of the Cabinet positions.

What role is the president mainly exercising when he calls a meeting of the whole cabinet?

Such a meeting would be related to his job as chief executive.

How much do cabinet members make?

This is outdated information, but according to this document: it looks like cabinet level officials made about $180,000 in 2005.

What does it mean when Someone calls you an iron maiden?

It means you're either a spiky cabinet or an extremely brilliant heavy metal band.

Where is the president's cabinet located?

The president's cabinet is a group of people that run the various federal departments. All of the have offices in Washington, DC. They rarely meet as a group nowadays, but if the president calls a meeting, it will probably be held in the White House.

When the president calls cabinet meeting today the purpose of the meeting is to?

I think Obama had one cabinet meeting during is first term. They took a group picture, so that may have been its purpose. I suppose making introductions was another reason and Obama may have said something abut the goals of his administration and what he expected from his cabinet.

What document is necessary to form a corporation?

All corporations must file "articles of incorporation" with the state's corporate filing office. In this document, some basic information about the corporation, such as its name and principal office address is required. Some states (including Connecticut, Delaware, New York, and Oklahoma) use the term "certificate of incorporation." Washington calls the document a "certificate of formation," and Tennessee calls it a "charter

In witch historic document appears the paragraph congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise there of?

the u.s constitution

Can a notary notarize a document for a minor?

Yes, the Notary is only required to verify that the person signing the document actually is the person whose signature appears on it. Whether or not the minor is legally capable of signing the document calls for a legal conclusion and is NOT a part of the Notary's job.

What is a Cabinet post?

A cabinet post is a position in a cabinet, such as the President is head of his cabinet

What document states 'life liberty and pursuit of happiness'?

The quote "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" comes from the United States Declaration of Independence. This document calls these things unalienable rights.

What did Obama sign inside the capital after the swearing in?

First, he signed a document declaring the day a National Day of Renewal and Reconciliation. Then he signed off on his cabinet nominations.

What is a liquor-primary licensed establishment?

Which type of establishment is NOT considered a liquor-primary licensed establishment?

What is a cabinet bed?

A cabinet bed is a combination of a cabinet and a bed.

What part of speech is the word cabinet?

Cabinet is a noun (whether it be a wooden cabinet in the kitchen or the President's cabinet)