What doe Earth absorb?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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Q: What doe Earth absorb?
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What doe large instestine do?

The large intestines job is to absorb nutrients

How doe a euglena eat?

Euglanas have chloroplasts, to absorb sunlight. If sunlight is not available, it can absorb nutrients from decayed organic material.

How doe light interact with leaves to begin the process of photosynthesis?

pigment molecules absorb light energy

What doe the earth system include?

it includs nothing

Doe earth look the same as it did millions of years ago?


Does the amount of water on earth change?

No, the total amount of water on Earth remains relatively constant due to the water cycle. Water evaporates from bodies of water, condenses into clouds, and falls back to Earth as precipitation. This cycle ensures that the overall amount of water on Earth remains constant.

Does The earth travel around the sun making a full?

Yes it doe

How long doe earth take to rotate on its axis?

1 year

How long doe the moon take to revolve around the earth?

come do sex

What does ozone doe to blood?

Ozone is harmful for humans. It is a pollutant on earth's surface.

Why does the earth absorb blue light?

why plants appear

How do visible light and infrared energy warm earth?

The Earth and atmosphere absorb the visible and infrared energy and this warms the earth.