What does 'FAB' stand for in the TV show 'Thunderbirds'?

According to the Urban Dictionary, "FAB" from the TV show "Thunderbirds" stood for "Full Acknowledgment of Broadcast," the equivalent of 10-4. Gerry Anderson, the producer of "Thunderbirds," was apparently known for these obscure catch phrases.

Other possibilities

  • There are two meanings. FAB as a sort of countersign meant "Fully Advised, Briefed" -- in other words, like Roger, Wilco. Another angle is that it was short for "Fabulous" -- and this was endorsed by the actor who voiced Scott Tracy.

    The phrase was used also as the license number of the car used by Lady Penelope which was the Fab-I. And it is understood that the late Jayne Mansfield had this also as a license code plus, of course, Golden State.

    The Thunderbird car -- a six-wheeled Rolls Royce -- was always called the Fab-I, the definite article being used, like THE empress Eugenie!, a class act

  • A further definition is Final Audio Broadcast, as they generally signed off with F.A.B.- A paramilitary acronym, like those used by Police agencies ( such as a 2ll in progress- that is an armed robbery) It is believed to mean Fully advised, Briefed, in response to an emergency call- used somewhat like Roger, Wilco by the USAAF in World War II. can also refer to as an adjective, fabulous- as in Fab Four. it is rumored the license number of the actress Jayne Mansfield was FAB-l Golden State. the Lady Penelope character in Thunderbirds borrowed the license code ( but not Golden State) and the Pink color-of-arm, or rather vehicle.
  • Show creator Gerry Anderson has been quoted as saying it simply meant "fab" as in "fabulous," however it's also known to stand for "Fully Acknowledged Broadcast."
  • Fully Advised and Briefed. used identical to Roger, Wilco by the uSAF and various police ciphers that mean- orders confirmed and understood- will respond- are responding to distress call. as the Thunderbirds were a rescue squad, the cipher was used often. FAB I was the license plate of Lady Penelope, a major character. it is said it was also used by Jayne Mansfield with the Golden State ( California) registery. FAB means, in that context fabulous- and was associated with the Beatles.
  • Short for 'Fabulous'