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its not an Afrikaans word

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Q: What does 'Ncube' mean in Afrikaans?
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When was NCUBE created?

NCUBE was created in 1983.

How tall is Bonginhlanhla Ncube?

Bonginhlanhla Ncube is 186 cm.

When was Trevor Ncube born?

Trevor Ncube was born in 1962.

What is Pius Ncube's birthday?

Pius Ncube was born on December 31, 1946.

When was Pius Ncube born?

Pius Ncube was born on December 31, 1946.

When was Ndabenkulu Ncube born?

Ndabenkulu Ncube was born on 1988-08-02.

When was Welshman Ncube born?

Welshman Ncube was born on 1961-07-07.

What nicknames does Bonginhlanhla Ncube go by?

Bonginhlanhla Ncube goes by Mr. B.

Who is Abednigo Ncube?

Abednigo Ncube is the Minister of State for Matabeleland North Province in Zimbabwe.

What does Whitney mean in Afrikaans?

It is not an Afrikaans word.

When was Bonginhlanhla Ncube born?

Bonginhlanhla Ncube was born on July 29, 1973, in Nyamandhlovu, Zimbabwe.

What does pilla and bulacheese mean in Afrikaans?

In Afrikaans, "pilla" refers to a small pillow or cushion, while "bulacheese" is not a standard term in the language. It appears to be a combination of "bula" (which means "life" in Zulu or Fijian) and "cheese."