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in truth

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Q: What does 'Re vera' Latin mean in English?
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What is the English translation of the Latin phrase 'Re vera cara mea mea nil refert'?

"In truth, my dear, that has nothing to do with me" is one of many loosely translated English equivalents of the urban Latin phrase Re vera, cara mea, mea nil refert.Specifically, the feminine noun re in its ablative form is "thing". The feminine adjective vera means "true". The feminine adjective cara means "dear". The feminine possessive adjective mea means "my". The indeclinable nil means "nothing". The verb refert literally translates as "bears, brings back".The phrase is a rendering into Latin of the last sentence which Rhett Butler says to Scarlett O'Hara in the novel Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell (November 8, 1900-August 16, 1949).

What does re mean in the latin language?

Re (pronounced ray) mean by, with or from the thing. It is in the 5th declension and in the Ablative case.

Can you translate this into English Re vera cara mea mea nil refert?

Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.Re vera, cara mea, mea nil refert.

What does the prefix word re mean?

In Latin, "res" means "thing."

What does mi se re re no bis mean in the latin mass?

It should be "miserere nobis" = "Have mercy on us"

Is 'In---' a Latin phrase meaning 'regarding'?

No. But the Latin phrase in re ("in the matter [of]") finds its equivalent in the English word "regarding". The pronunciation is as follows: een ray.The Latin preposition in, although it is usually translated in English as "in" or "into", can also mean "against". A number of Cicero's orations have Latin titles of the form cited, where In has this meaning. This includes perhaps Cicero's best-known oration (it is the source of the quotation "O tempora! O mores!"), which is known in Latin as In Catalinam, and in English as "Against Catiline".

What is 'I'm hungry' when translated from English to Latin?

Hunger translates to fames in Latin. An example in a Latin sentence; Erat autem fames in re Paulo post, decanus. In English it translates to; It was hunger that later returned Paul to reality.

What does te re dolio mean in English?

Te dolió

What does Esta re vacio mean in English?

it or this is too empty.i u.

What does mère mean in English?

Mère means 'mother' in French.

What is the English translation to the Latin word 'rem'?

res, rei means thing, matter (rem is the singular object case). In English one finds re which in short for in re (in the matter, case of ...); (ad) rem is sometimes used in English in the same sense.

What does une étagère mean in English?

Une étagère (fem.) is a shelf in English.