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Wie sieht deine Familie aus = What does your family look like

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"What is your family like?"

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Q: What does 'Wie sieht deine Familie aus' mean in German?
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What does So sieht spitze aus mean in German?

this is what awesome looks like

What does Wie siehst du aus mean in English?

"What do you look like?"literally "How do you look like?"

What is i love your feet in German mean?

Ich liebe deine Füße.

How do you say sees in German?

Do you mean sees like"she sees something"? Then it is Sie sieht etwas.

What does Wie alt ist deine Tante mean in German?

How old is your Auntie? Wie = How Alt = Old Ist = Is Deine = Your Tante = Auntie

What does deine mean in German?

It means from or if you put it in front of mutter, (mother) It means your mother. :)

What does the Pennsylvania German phrase 'Wie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen Herr Zebaoth ' mean?

This is not Pennsylvania German. It is Standard German:Wie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen, Herr Zebaoth"How lovely are your apartments, Mr. Zebaoth"

What does sie haben deutsch sie familie mean?

In German the use of capitals is far more important than in English as it can change the sense of a sentence.sie haben deutsch sie Familie translates as they have German they familySie haben deutsch Sie Familie translates as you have German you family

Wie gehts deiner familie und deinen eltern what does this mean in German?

How are your family and your parents?

Wie sieht sie aus mean?

how does she look or what does she look like

How do you correct the grammar in the German sentence Er sieht verrukt?

Well, right now the sentence literally means: "He sees crazy." This sentence does not make sense. In order to correctly write the sentence meaning, "He looks/appears crazy" (gramatically correct), we must incorporate the verb ,,aussehen'', meaning "to look like", "to seem", or "to appear". The German verb ,,aussehen'' is a seperable prefix verb. What does this mean? The ,,aus" part of the verb gets moved to the end of the sentence! Otherwise, the other part of the verb, ,,sehen", gets conjugated in the same way that ,,sehen" does. So, in order to correctly write this sentence, you must write, "Er sieht verrückt aus." OR, maybe you wanted to write, "Er sieht Verrücktheit"! This means, "He sees craziness". Either way, "Er sieht verrückt" is NOT grammatically correct. Hope this helps a lot! -Ubermensch00 :)

What does pflaumen mean?

On the sentence "Zeig mir deine Pflaume" it means p*ssy I think. NEW ANSWER! Pflaumen in german means "plums" Hope i helped :)