What does 'construction' mean?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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Construction means the process of constructing or a building and other structure plus it means an interpretation of something.

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Q: What does 'construction' mean?
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What does Ditto mean in construction?

what is ditto in construction

What does Politecnico De la Construction mean in English?

This is the name of a school that teaches construction. "Construction Polytechnic"

What are the differences between construction and manufacturing?

manufacture mean you make while construction mean you build. el comprendo?

What does construction mean?

Construction means when your either build something or when your constructing a story.

What is mean by rcc in construction?


What does construction details mean?


What does construction site?

a construction site mean when you build thing like house or anything

Ffe mean in construction?

The abbreviation of FFE in construction means "Finished Floor Elevation."

What does radical construction mean?

Radical construction would be something that is built in a manner that is innovative or progressive and that is very different in its construction from anything before.

What does trim out mean in construction terms?

detail out

What does economically developed mean?

under construction

What does it mean when you see a crane?

Construction work.:)