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Happy Birthday my son, I hope you complete many more. I care about you a lot, behave well.

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Q: What does 'feliz cumpleaños mi hijo que cumplas más años te quiero mucho pórtate bien mean?
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When was Quiero Ser Feliz created?

Quiero Ser Feliz was created in 1973.

How do you say i want you to be happy and safe in spanish?

quiero que estes feliz y seguro or quiero que seas feliz y seguro

What is the happy birthday song in spanish?

Reversing the usual Spanish greeting "Feliz Cumpleaños" is one way :"Cumpleaños felizCumpleaños felizTe deseamos todos (we all wish you)Cumpleaños feliz."There are two other variants:Cumpleaños feliz.Te deseamos a ti (we wish to you)Cumpleaños ___ (Person's NAME),Cumpleaños feliz.In Argentina:Que los cumplas feliz.Que los cumplas felizQue los cumplas ___ (Person's NAME),Que los cumplas feliz.

I want to make you happy in spanish?

Quiero hacerte feliz

How To Sing the birthday song in Argentina?

The language of Argentina is Spanish. However, each Spanish speaking nation typically has their own dialects and form of the Spanish language, which would make some words of phrases different. An example is the 'Happy Birthday' song. In Argentina the lyrics are as follows: Qué los cumplas feliz Qué los cumplas feliz Qué los cumplas (name) Qué los cumplas feliz Don't forget the lyrics in English: Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday, dear (name) Happy birthday to you

Spanish for happy birthday boss?

feliz cumpleaños y que cumplas muchos mas (happy birthday and may you have many more)

What are the panamanian lyrics to happy birthday song?

Ya las velas dan luz Solo anhelan decir que tu cumplas muchos an~os muchos an~os feliz.

What does you Feliz Dia de Pascua Te quiero mean in English?

Feliz día de Pascuas means Happy Easter (Day) Felices Pascuas means Happy Holidays and could apply to the Christmas season as well as Easter. Te quiero means I love you.

How do you say I want your life to be safe and happy in spanish?

Quiero que tu vida sea feliz y segura

Who sings i want to wish you a merry Christmas in spanish?

Quiero desearle / desearles / desearte / desearos una feliz Navidad.

Translate Feliz Navidad Amado Te quiero mucho to spanish?

Translation: Merry Christmas my love, I love you so much.

Es q te quiero baby te quiero desde kr te konosido yo vivo tan feliz?

Translation: It's that I love you babe, I love you. Since I met you I have had such a happy life.