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it means back up what you say with your actions

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Q: What does 'walk the talk' mean?
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What does talk the talk mean?

"Talk the talk" is usually contrasted with "walk the walk." It means to manage the vocabulary of a task without being able to perform it. For example: The Bush Administration talks the talk of Conservative government but it does not walk the walk.

What does 'walk the walk talk the talk' mean?

The phrase "walk the walk and talk the talk" basically means to practice what you preach. It means that if you say something thing you should be able to back it up with actions. For example if someone says they are really good at playing basketball (talk the talk) then they better be able to prove it (walk the walk).

What does the saying you can talk the talk but not walk the walk?

Telling a person that they can talk the talk but not walk the walk can have a few different meanings, but they all come back to the same principle: actions speak louder than words. This question stems from the challenge "if you talk the talk, you've got to walk the walk." An example would be a person talking of principles. You can talk all you want about principles, but you have to actually live by them, too. If you tell a person they can talk the talk but not walk the walk, it can mean the person is a hypocrite, thus not practicing what they preach. But it can also mean they are procrastinating. They're talking about doing things but not actually doing them. They're all talk, no action.

What does ' your walk talks and your talk talks too your walk talks louder' mean?

The quote is "Your walk walks and your talk talks but your walk talks louder than your talk talks." This quote means that your actions speak louder than your words.

What does talk does not cook rice mean?

It's pretty obvious. You can't cook rice by talking to it. In other words, talk is cheap - actions speak louder than words - walk the walk, don't talk the talk.

How do you get a girl to let you in?

depense what type of IN you mean... if u mean in there house u say can we talk and walk in and then think of something to talk about that is important...

If you sleep talk does it mean you sleep walk?

Many people talk or mumble during sleep. But very few people actually sleep walk. The two things are not connected.

What does walk the walk mean?

More or less practicing or acting what one believes, as opposed to lip service or Talking the Talk.

How do you use walk the talk in a declarative sentence?

just walk the talk.

What rhymes with balk?

chalk, hawk, talk, stalk, walktalk ,walk

Which song is I love the way you walk i love the way you talk and when you walk that walk when you talk that talk i say hey hey hey?

Breathe by Rowan!

How do you keep a girl from being so mean to you when your nice to them but when you tease them they are mean to you still?

you should just walk away from her or talk to her

Who said You can talk the talk but can you walk the walk?

Animal Mother in "Full Metal Jacket".

At what age does a baby learn to walk and talk?

They to walk at about a year and talk at two years

What is the meaning of Walk the walk talk the talk?

"If you're going to talk the talk, you had better walk the walk." In a nutshell, what you say is what you should do. If you are going to speak certain thing, promise certain things, give your word; your actions should bear out your words.

What does 'talk the talk' mean?

It means that having an opinion on everything, and saying what the problems are, but never finding a solution only just criticism, now, people that walk the walk will find a solution and putting their money where their mouth is!More.."Talk the talk" is a term which refers to a moral code. Most often when you speak about what you believe or how you live your life, you are "talking the talk." this term is half of a larger phrase "Talk the talk and walk the walk." The larger phrase refers also to the way you live your life. "Walking the walk" means to actually live the code that you believe. The difference in talking the talk and walking the walk is that you can explain what you believe all you wish, but if you do not live your beliefs, then it is all just talk. So talking is easy, but the actual work of "walking the walk" is more impressive.

Can you walk the walk or can you talk the talk?

In my opinion I think you should be able to do both. Hope that Helps.

Well done is better than well said meaning?

you have to 'walk the walk' if you 'talk the talk'

What does it mean when you talk to a boy and as i walk away i look back and he is smiling and looking at me.?

it probably means he likes you

What rhymes with talk?

Words that rhyme with talk are walk, chalk, stalk, hawk, and squawk.Walk, chalk, caulk, balk,walkknocksqwack

What is the Explanation of the proverb your words will have no effect unless you are able to live it?

In a nutshell: if you are going to talk the talk, first walk the walk.

Why don't girls walk up and talk to guys but guys walk up and talk to girls?

maybe because girls might be more shy then the boy trying to talk to her some girls might just walk up to the boy and talk herself

What does that mean if the guy you like stands there and looks at you in front of his friends and it seems he want to walk to you and talk?

your future husband awaits you.

What does it mean when the guy talk about his wealth?

it means that he love his elf and u should just throw a drink at him and then walk away

What is the theme of a late walk by Robert Frost?

I think the theme is about nature. I mean i not really sure about it, but it talk about birds and stuff