What does 10 percent positive on a blood pregnancy test mean?


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You read the results wrong. Blood pregnancy tests aren't reported in percentages. Take a look at the result again.

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weak pregnancy blood test mean the pregnancy is liable to abort

The O positive blood type has two charateristics, no trace of A or B blood antigens and a positive Rh factor. Positive Rh factor can be an issue during pregnancy, however doctors usually test for blood types during pregnancy. If this is an issue, a Rh shot will be given to the mother for a healthy pregnancy.

It means that you are pregnant.

It means you have a positive pregnancy test.

Absolutely - all blood types can have a healthy child. The only blood-type associated difficulties occur if the mother is Rh negative and she has two subsequent children that are positive. This may mean problems in the second pregnancy.

You have to urine on the pregnancy test in the morning, but chances are, if its positive its yes...

On a pregnancy test where you get a positive or a negative sign, the positive (plus sign) indicates pregnancy, while the negative indicates non-pregnant.

You need to have a Beta HCQ Qualitative test done to be 100 percent certain wether or not you are pregnant. This is the 'real' pregnancy test that your doctor can order. It is offered as either as a urine sample or a blood sample

You didn't say how late you are. Very early in pregnancy an 8 can mean positive. Many labs will consider anything higher than 2 positive. I personally test negative on pregnancy tests until I'm at least a week or two late, even on blood tests! My last pregnancy the home test came back positive before the dr.s blood test would. I would treat your body as if you are pregnant and wait a week or two. then go back and see if your number is higher. Good luck! I know it is hard to wait!

Its probably time to go get a blood test at the doctor to be on the safe side thats wat I learned

well positive means yes and negative means no.... you cant have both.....

The EOS percent is the percent of white blood cells in the blood. The eosinophil count is used when testing for allergies.

my pregnancy test positive result should be vertical but is horizontal

Bacterial vaginosis is not a sign of pregnancy. Signs of pregnancy are a missed period and a positive pregnancy test.

It could mean twins as they can cause a higher level of the HCG hormone that pregnancy tests detect. It could also mean it was a faulty test. You should wait a week to retest, or visit your doctor for a blood test.

It depends on what that pregnancy test uses to indicate pregnancy. Read the directions carefully to see what they use to indicate a positive or negative pregnancy test.

When someone has a blood type that is positive, it means that they are positive for the RH factor. This doesn't mean a whole lot in terms of health, but it can play a factor if you are a female and are planning to have children.

If you had a faint positive home test and a weakly positive blood that could indicate pregnancy but the periods or bleading can mean a possible miscarriage. I had a friend who had similar situation and suffered a miscarriage. It may not mean this at all as there are also people who have had periods and went on to have normal pregnancies I would get checked.

If it was a blood pregnancy test then it means your pregnant. I used to work in the lab and if it was 0 then it was neg. but if there is a high number then you are prego.

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