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10k 512 means, you have a 10k gold ring with 5.12carat's total gem weight.

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Q: What does 10k 512 mean on gold diamond ring?
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What does 10K mean inside a ring?

What does it mean if a ring say RS10K IN SIDE OF THE

What does GE 10 stamped on diamond ring meanon?

It could mean gold electroplated with 10K gold. And, if the band is plated, the stone is not a diamond.

What does cco 10k mean on a diamond gold ring?

The Coleman Black Hills Gold Jewelry company has a trademark that bears the letters CCO

What does 10k ud mean when stamped in a ring?

The 10k identifies the metal as 10 karat white or yellow gold. Ud is probably the jewelers mark such as Ultra Diamond.

What does CRP 10K mean inside a gold ring?

I have a ring that has crp 10k printed on the inside. What does it mean?

What does FS mean on a 10k ring?

I have a very old gold colored ring with a clear stone that has fs 4 k inside? what does that mean? what could the stone be? It is not a diamond but the Gold is real and looks like my 14 k ring..

What does F1 STER 10K mean when written on inside of ring?

In newer designs Ive seen where Ster/10K indicates that the ring is sterling silver, plated with 10K gold. In older designs, the 2 stamps usually mean that part of the ring is sterling and part of the ring is 10K gold.

What does 10k AA stamp on a ring mean?

10k is the gold and AA is the clarity of the Stones.

What does rs 10k mean on a ring?

The 'rs' could mean several things. The '10k' means that the ring is composed of 10 karat gold.

What is 10K GF mean on a gold ring?

the GF stands for GOLD FILLED

What does 10k CI mean on a stainless steel ring?

it means the stainless steel ring has a 10k gold section, probably in the form of a thin layer 10k gold stripe. the gold on the ring will not be a significant amount compared to the weight of the stainless steel part.

What does grp 10k mean on a ring?

"It means Gold Rolled Plate, it is not solid gold but plated in 10k." thats not correct

What does it mean when a ring is stamped 10K FG?

10K indicates the gold purity. "FG" could mean "filled gold" meaning not solid gold but just gold on the outside.

What does 10k NBK mean on a ring?

NBK is the manufacturers branding on the jewelry. 10k is the quality of the gold.

What does 10K SUN stamped on the inside of a ring mean?

10K means 10 carat gold.

Does a Diamond Aquamarine W 10K gold Ring count as an engagement ring?


What is a 10k gold ring with S and S?

S&s inside a ring what does it mean

What does hj 10k inside a ring mean?

hj is company mark 10k means 41.7% gold content in total weight of the ring.

What does SPL mean engraved inside a 10K diamond ring?

I got a black dimend ring and on the in side of it corved in is SPL 10k i was wanting to know what them letters mean and if the ring is real and how much it would be worth.

What does RMI mean when stamped inside 10k gold ring?

No idea

What does 10k FLI mean on the ring?

10k refers to the 10 karat gold used in the ring. FLI could mean several things, from the jeweler's name or company to the place from which the gold came.

What does GR 10k mean on a ring?

it means it is 10 carat gold ring

What does the little 10k on a ring band mean?

It means the ring is 10 karat gold. That means the ring has 41.7% pure gold.

What does ctr 10K on a ring mean?

It's the Karat amount of the gold in the alloy the ring is made of. The higher the number the more gold there is. 24Karat is pure gold.

What does 10k and a star stamped on a ring mean?

The 10k means 10 parts gold with other metals. It is not pure gold. The star is the company icon.

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