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Q: What does 12 gmp mean for a well pump?
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How much voltage for fuel pump on a 1993 mercury topaz?

Well, If you mean the fuel pump in the fuel tank, it is a 12 volt pump. The pump runs with the 12 volt system of the car.

What is your 1961 Winchester 20 gauge model 12 pump shotgun worth in great condition?

Yes, a well maintained 1961 Winchester 20 gauge model 12 pump shotgun is in good condition.

Where can you find a barrel for a model 12 20 gauge pump?

I assume that you mean a Winchester Model 12. You may be able to find one at

Applicant list for iocl ksk petrol pump?

iocl ksk petrol pump that stable on odr road mean other district road under the irc:12-2009

How do you disassemble a 12 gauge pump for cleaning?

Well, I didn't find actual disassembly instructions, but the related link >>>> shows all the parts and where they go. There are schematics for other pump shotguns at the same site.

What is the value of a Winchester Model 1400 12 gauge pump?

The 1400 is not a pump. The pump version is the 1300.

How much will it cost to replace my well pump tha is 15 years old with 80 feet of well depth?

I just had mine replaced at 12 years and 90 feet for about $900

What is the voltage on fuel pump 2000 jeep?

The pump runs on 12 volts.

How much is a JC Higgins Sears 12 gauge pump model no - 102.25 worth?

What is a 12 gauge pump 102.25 worth

What does 12 carat gold mean?

Well does 12 carat don't mean nothing. But does 12 karat mean the purity of gold inside the alloy's of 12k. Sincerely: Living Life Enterprises Presents. wix. in to " Answers ".com

What is the value of a Winchester model 1920 12 gauge pump?

Winchester did not make a Model 1920 pump action shotgun.If you mean it was made in 1920,then it could be a model 12,or a model 1897 shotgun.I would need to know this and the overall condition of the shotgun to give you a accurate value.

Which is better 12 gauge pump shotgun or a handgun?

Depends what your using it for hunting is the 12 gauge pump shotgun for home defense handgun