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means excatly the same as yellow gold

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Q: What does 14k gs mean on a white gold bracelet?
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What does decesare on a 14k Italy bracelet mean?

de cesare is the name of a designer and 14k is the quality of the gold in the bracelet.

What does 14k gold ma mark mean?

What does ma stamped on gold bracelet mean

What does 925 14k gold mean?

925 typically refers to sterling silver, which is an alloy containing 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals. 14k gold indicates that the piece is made from 58.3% gold, mixed with other metals. So, 925 14k gold would be a piece made from both sterling silver and 14k gold components.

What does 925sp mean on silver bracelet. mean?

THAT IS THE STAMP, like gold for example, on a gold bracelet you will find 14k or 18k, \From Romania with love and gipsies

What does CU stamped on a bracelet mean?

CU is 14k gold over copper.

What is a circle intersected with a v or an a next to the 14K on your gold bracelet mean?

The design is usually the makers 'signature' - the 14K is the purity of the gold.

What does the gold hallmark OR mean OR is contained within a heart etched into a 14K gold bracelet?

If there is a heart stamped in to a 14K gold bracelet it is most likely the bracelet makers stamp. Many jewelers use custom stamps so people know who the manufacturer is.

What does S51 mean on 14k white gold ring?

The symbols S51 on a 14k white gold ring illustrate the purity of the gold.

What does mean of two tone 14k gold?

white with yeller gold

What is the metal content for a bracelet stamped 585 Italy?

It means the bracelet is 14k gold ( = 58.5% pure gold).

What does 14k gb stamped on a bracelet mean?

It refers to 14k bonded. That is when another metal such as silver is heat and pressure bonded to an outer layer of 14k gold. It is a fraction of the cost of solid 14k gold with the same look and is very durable.

What does 585 mean on a white gold neckless?

It means it is a 14k gold necklace.