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What does 232 GB mean on my computer?

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It basally means that you have 232 Gigabytes on your computer. If you lets say have 132 GB free of 232 GB that means that you have only 132 GB available to be used. If you have 232 GB free of 500 GB that means you have only 232 GB free.

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Is 232 GB on a computer a large amount?

It depends what you mean... It's relatively small for a modern hard-drive - but, it's a lot if you're talking about RAM size.

What does GB mean in computer term?

gigabyte - unit of file size

How come a 250 GB hard drive says 232 GB?

A 250 GB hard drive has 232 GB because 232 GB is an estimate to 250 GB. So 232 GB would be rounded to 250 GB. Or a 500 GB hard drive that has 455 GB, 455 GB is rounded to 500 GB.Examples (Most Likely):A 40 GB hard drive, it's 37.2 GB or 38.2 GBA 80 GB hard drive, it's 74.5 GB or 74.4 GBA 160 GB hard drive, it's 135 GB, 138 GB, 148 GB, or 149 GBA 250 GB hard drive, it's 217 GB, 219 GB, 223 GB, or 232 GBA 320 GB hard drive, it's 283 GB, 284 GB, 285 GB, or 286 GBA 500 GB hard drive, it's 451 GB, 453 GB, 455 GB, or 465 GBA 640 GB hard drive, it's 582 GB, 583 GB, 586 GB, or 588 GBA 750 GB hard drive, it's 692 GB, 694 GB, 695 GB, or 698 GBA 1 TB(terabyte)(1024 GB), it's 916 GB, 918 GB, 920 GB, or 931 GBThese hard drive capacities(how much it holds total) are most likely to happen when you get a new computer or a new external hard drive. This should help you with your 250 GB hard drive problem.

What does GB harddrive mean?

GB means giga bite while hard drive is where the computer stores data.

What does 1g mean in a computer?

could be 1 gigabyte. which is 1024 megabytes.

What does 6G 620GB mean in a computer?

your hard disk is accessed at 6 Gigabytes per second, and is a size of 620 Gigabytes.

How many GB does a typical computer use?

Use 500 GB for a typical computer, and 200 GB for a laptop.

What is 640gb mean in computers?

That the computer is able to hold 640 gigabytes of information

How many GB do does this computer have if its a Dimension ES10 DELL?

Assuming by 'GB' you mean hard drive space, the model of computer makes no difference. You need to go to 'My Computer' to check the amount of space on your hard drive.

Computer terms GB MB MHz KB bytes smallest to the largest?

the term GB what does it mean the term MB what does it mean the term MHz what does it mean the term KB what does it mean the term bytes what does it mean ? i see the terms on my computer and i would like the defnition of each one.

What is gigabytes in computer?

gigabytes is a measurement of memory. so basically, how many gigabytes you have left on your computer is how much memory you have left.

Can you have 5 GB ram?

Yes it is possible to have 5 GB of RAM on a computer, because I have had a computer that has had 6 GB of RAM on it.

Is 1 gigabyte good for a computer?

If you mean as harddrive space then GOD NO! You will not be able to store most applications on a 1 gig harddrive.however if you mean 1 gigabyte of RAM then it is not too bad.

What is the most common unit used for measuring computer disc storage capacityng computer disc?

By computer disk storage I assume you mean hard drive storage which is commonly referred to in gigabytes (gb) and sometimes now terabytes (tb - 1000gb)

What is gb on a computer?

GB stands for Gigabytes and is used to measure how much space you have on your hard drive.

How many gigabytes is 626.42?

Did you mean: "How much is 626.42 MB in a GB?" If you did mean this the answer is 0.62 GB,

What does GB mean?

A GB is a gigabyte. It's 109 bytes.

What is the quotient for 232 and 4?

If you mean 232 divided by 4 then the quotient is 58

How many gigabytes can a computer hold?

It depends on the hard drive. A computer can hold as many gigabytes as its hard drive can handle.

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