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I have very old necklace stamped 356 also with a Crown stamped also.

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What does the 923 mark that is stamped into a piece of silver manufactured by the Monarch Silver Company mean?

It probably reads 92.5 which means it's 92.5% silver, a common percentage.

What does the 962 mark that is stamped into a piece of silver manufactured by the Monarch Silver Company mean?

It's a purity mark, which indicates what percentage of silver is in the item. In that specific case, the piece is 96.2% silver, and the remainder is probably copper.

What does it mean if a piece of silver is only stamped sterling?

Sterling stamped on any item is .925 silver and .075 other base metal.

Is international sterling real silver?

If the piece is stamped "sterling," or "925," then it is real sterling. If it's stamped "IS," the initials stand for "International Silver" Company, an American company founded in 1898 from a conglomeration of smaller companies that specialized in silver plated tableware. IS, or International Silver, only has a thin (.20 mm) layer of sterling silver over a base metal core. It has no melt value.

What does otc mean on jewelry stamped OTC 925?

If a piece of jewelry is stamped with OTC 925, the OTC stamp is the name of the company that made the jewelry, OTC International. 925 is a common stamp on all sterling silver.

How do you tell if its italian silver?

Acid test the piece. 99% of the stamped .925 jewerlry on Ebay is FAKE silver.

When something is marked silver what does that mean is it sterling silver or what exactly does that stamp SILVER mean on my piece of jewelry?

if the number .925 is stamped on it also that means sterling silver if the number .999 is stamped on the ring that means it is pure silver if no numbers, i am not sure

Is 1847 rogers bros A1 real silver?

From what I have looked up, A1 stamped on pieces means the piece is silver plated.

What does AAA on silver jewelry mean?

The grading's marked on jewelry indicates the quality of the silver. A AAA stamped on the piece is an indication of high quality.

What is the stamp mean A 925 mean on your ring?

A 925 stamped on any ring (if not a replica or fake) is a numerical term used to define the most referring to precious metal "sterling silver" jewelry piece. 925 is a percentage of silver... 92.5 percent is silver of the piece stamped sterling or 925. the other 7.75 percent of the metals are not of silver content.

What if it has stamped 925 Ciss on it?

If a piece of jewelry has 925 CISS stamped on it, this typically means it is 925 karats. The CISS is just the abbreviations for the maker of the piece of jewelry.

What does an 900 stamped on a piece of jewelry mean?

A "900" stamp on silver tells you that it is 9 parts pure silver and 1 part other metals.

What does 125 stamped on silver mean?

.125 means it is nickel. The stamp means what percentage of silver the piece has. So .125 is 12.5% silver, and the rest is other metals

What does GM 925 stamped on a piece of gold jewelry with diamonds mean?

The 925 is an indication of sterling silver, not gold.

What does 10KCAL stamped jewelry mean?

When jewelry has 10KCAL stamped on it, the 10K means that the jewelry is 10 karat. The CAL is a mark that shows the company that made the piece.

What does 950 DIA stamped on jewelry mean?

i have a very small earring and i think they are diamonds inside the earring it has a little square piece of silver with DIA stamped on it, what does DIA MEAN?

What does 626 mean on silver looking jewelry?

The 626 stamped on silver jewelry means that the piece is 62.6 percent pure silver. You will often see it as 626 or .626 on jewelry pieces.

Sterling silver stamped .925 RCI what does the initials mean?

The initial are the person who made the item. In southwestern silver jewelry the initial can mean that the piece is a collector piece and it can mean the difference in value to a collector.

How can you tell if a 1883 FBRodgers piece is silver or silverplated?

FB Rodgers was a manufacturer of silver plated products and did not produce any sterling. To tell if a piece of silver is sterling or plate, the word sterling or .925 or 925/1000 must be stamped somewhere on the piece. If it is not, it is plate or some other material.

Italy gold jewelry marked hct 925?

Italian gold jewelry stamped "HCT 925" indicates that the piece is made of gold-plated silver. The "925" means silver no matter what color. "HCT" is the trademark of Floridian jewelry company, Harcourt, Inc.

Chemical Composition of sterling silver?

The most common metal with which silver is combined to create sterling silver is copper. The mix rate is 92.5% silver to 7.5% copper. This is why sterling silver is often stamped with "925" somewhere on the piece

What is 825 stamped on jewelry?

It could be related to the Sterling Silver mark "925," which means 92.5% silver purity. "825" Could boil down to 82.5% silver purity in that specific piece of jewelry.

What does 925mc stamped on jewelry mean?

925 usually means the piece is sterling silver. I don't know what the mc would stand for.

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