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It means that the power consumption of the bulb is 40 watts.

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A 40w bulb can safely be placed into a lamp rated for 60w bulbs. The only downside will be a reduced amount of light produced by the bulb and lamp.

If you mean the 40 watt light bulb inside, are you sure you are replacing it with a special 40W appliance bulb? A regular bulb will not last long at all inside of a refrigerator.

Not very bright at all. A 40W light bulb is about 450 lm, so a 55 lm source would be about 1/8th as intense as a 40W bulb.

A halogen bulb gives about 25% more light than an incandescent bulb of the same power in watts. So eight 40W incandescents can be replaced by six 40W halogens. CFL bulbs produce 5 times more light for the same power, therefore eight 40W incandescents can also be replaced by two 40W CFLs.

Power (w) = Volts (v) * Current (I) I = P/V 100w bulb = 100/230 = 434mA 40w bulb = 40/230 = 174mA

This is a bit less light than a 40W incandescent bulb (much less than a 9-watt CFL bulb, but twice as much as a 5-watt CFL mini-bulb).

Yes, your assumption is correct. Lamp fixtures are rated on how well they dissipate the heat given off from an incandescent light bulb. As CFL lamps run much cooler there is no problem using them in the same rated fixture that is incandescent rated.

What do you mean like did he invent the light bulb because if you do mean that then yes he did invent the light bulb

A light bulb has an efficiency of 10%. A 40 watt light bulb gives off 4 watts of light. That leaves 36 watts of heat. Now you can look up the formula to get the conversion factor to joules so you can get the right answer for your homework.

It's the 40W tube! because it's nonlinear: indeed it generates harmonics which increase the apparent power and thus the apparent energy.

how much does it cost to have a 40W bulb on for 12 hours

Joules = watts x seconds. Just convert the minutes to seconds, then multiply.

The "BRAKE BULB" light means that a brake bulb is not working and may require replacing.

You probably have a light bulb burn.

Depends on the fixture, look on the fixture for a label that will tell you the maximum wattage bulb allowed. If it is larger than the 60 W then yes.

== == well first what is a light bull do you mean a light bulb?

Yes, even a potato can light a light bulb. Yes. If the batteries match the voltage of the bulb, they can light it. Flashlights have bulbs and batteries that power them. If you mean a household light bulb, then you'd need many batteries in series (80 of the 1.5 volt batteries).

The heat dissipation is what the fixture is rated for. They are saying maximum heat of 25 watts so 40 watts is going to be too much.

The average home fluorescent lamp consumes 40W of power. Running for one hour it will consume 0.04 KWh. Units of electricity are charged per Kilowatt hour.

If you mean light as in from a light bulb, then phos- or photo-. If you mean as in color, then leuko-. If you mean as in weight I don't think there is one.

It means that a light bulb converts one type of energy to a different type of energy.