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What does 417 stamped on jewelry mean?

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It indicates it is 41.7% gold, or 10K gold.

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What is 417 Italy mean that is stamped on a bracelet?

417 stamped on a piece of jewelry denotes the gold content of the jewelry. 417 is 41.7% gold or 10k. 585 would be 58.5% gold or 14k.. Pure gold is 24k. To find the percent of real gold simply divide the carat content by 24. 10/24 = .417.

What does Sp cfj stamped on jewelry mean?

What does sp cfj men stamped on jewelry

What does 14kud stamped on jewelry mean?

what does 14kud mean when stamped on jewery

Is all jewelry stamped?

Not always the jewelry is stamped, however, no stamp doesnt mean it is not genuine.

What does 228 stamped on jewelry mean?

The number 228 stamped on jewelry means it is made of gold.

What does DM mean stamped on gold jewelry?

what does dm stamped on gold mean

What does 80 SR mean when stamped on silver jewelry?

When silver jewelry is stamped 80 SR it means that the jewelry is 80% silver.

What does 417 Italy mean on jewelry?

"417" refers to to the purity if the gold (417/1000, 41.7% purity) and Italy is the country of origin.

What does NDI stamped in jewelry mean?

War dose ndi mean stamped in a 925 ring mean

What does 417 means stamp inside of a gold ring?

417 is stamped in some 10k jewelry. Solid gold is 24k or 100% gold, 10k is 10/24 gold..or 41.7% gold. Hence the number, 417

What does JX stamped on jewelry mean?

Jewelry Exchange. Co. that sells wholesale jewelry. "JX"

What does 417 ask stamped inside a ring mean?

It means 10kt. in U.S. terms. 417 = 41.7% gold in European terms.

What does 525 stamped on jewelry mean?

what does 184 mean on a ring mean

What does RA stamped in silver jewelry mean?

It is the initials of the company that manufactured the Jewelry.

What does 10KCAL stamped jewelry mean?

When jewelry has 10KCAL stamped on it, the 10K means that the jewelry is 10 karat. The CAL is a mark that shows the company that made the piece.

What does 417 Italy mean on gold jewelry?

It means that it is 41.7% Gold

What is the number 417 stamped on jewelry?

The amount of the metal in question, in jewelry(gold in gold rings, silver in silver necklaces), is given in parts per thousand. So 417 stands for 417 parts the metal to 583 parts other metals. You can just divide it by 10 to convert it to percent, in this case 41,7 %

What does A O stamped on jewelry mean?

what does O mean on a gold necklace

What does 89 stamped on jewelry mean?

what does ABC 39 mean on jewelery

What does ALT mean stamped on jewelry?

i will like to know that too, :)

What does 950 stamped on jewelry mean?

There is not a stamp for jewelry that is 950. The stamp is .925 and it means the jewelry is sterling silver

J stamped jewelry mark Who is the manufacturer?

A "J" stamped on jewelry could mean that the manufacturer was Jardinay. Jardinay is a very popular jewelry company located in New York, New York.

What does jewelry stamped with 14K followed by two arrows mean?

what does an arrow stand for on a piece of 14k jewelry

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