What does 800mhz fsb mean?

Updated: 11/9/2022
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This is the frequency of at which the data travels between the CPU, and the Northbridge, which is part of the chipset. It is also related to the type of CPU you may install in the CPU socket.

The Northbridge is the memory controller hub (memory/graphics), and the Southbridge is for the I/O controllers (PCI bus, HDD, Ethernet, etc.).

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Q: What does 800mhz fsb mean?
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If you buy a mobo that supports memory at a max of 800mhz is there any benefit to getting a processor at a much higher fsb speed - the board supports fsb at 800-1066-1333mhz?


What does the term FSB mean?

It means Front Side Bus (FSB) it is the wire (bus) that carries information to your CPU. The speed of the FSB is how fast the info will be delivered.

How is CPU speed calculated?

CPU speed is calculated off of the Front Side Bus (FSB) speed and the CPU Multiplier. Don't confuse HyperTransport (HT) or Quad Data Rate (QDR, aka Quad Pumping) with FSB. HyperTransport and QDR have "replaced" FSB, but they too rely on the FSB. FSB was formerly used as a transport medium for data between the processor, memory and northbridge chipset and is now used more just as a reference clock frequency. FSB * Multiplier = CPU Speed For example, my Sempron 3400+ runs at 2.0 GHz with an 800MHz HyperTransport bus. It runs on a 200 MHz FSB bus and has a multiplier of 10. The HyperTransport multiplier is 4. 200 MHz FSB * 10x Multiplier = 2,000 MHz CPU 200 MHz FSB * 8x HT Multiplier = 800 MHz HyperTransport bus

Pentium 4 2ghz 800mhz run in dell demension 2400?

I don't think it will. The demension 2400's board was designed to only run at 533mhz fsb max. It might be able to scale it down to 533mhz but you wouldn't get all of the performance. Only the P4's that run at 533mhz fsb will work in it as far as I know (I have one). The max clock speed for a P4 at 533mhz fsb that I know of is 3.06 GhZ

What is the best kind of ram i can put into a PC with 800mhz fsb?

OCZ and Corsair both make excellent memory. Search for their websites. I know OCZ will provide excellent service if you need to call or email them with questions.

Is an Intel Pentium dual core t4200 2ghz 800mhz fsb 1mb cache big enough processor big enough to play the sims3?

You need a good graphic card to play the latest games.

What is the big difference between a 533mhz front side bus and an 800mhz front side bus?

a bus is something down which data travels. within a PC you have various busses each operates at a frequency. a frequency of 1hz would be one cycle per second, so a 533mhz bus would operate at 533mega hertz per second. the higher the frequency the faster the more data can travel through each second. Im guessing you are looking at some P4 chips or something. If so go for the one with the 800mhz fsb as it will also support hyperthreading, generally you would always want the fastest fsb and the difference between 800mhz and 533mhz is quite significant

What is a FSB bank?

FSB = Federal Savings Bank.

When was BankFinancial FSB created?

BankFinancial FSB was created in 1962.

Is 800mhz fast?


What is PC6400 in MHz?


What ramis compatible with gigabyte ga-965p-ds3?

All aproved sticks of DDR2 RAM that is rated at 800MHz or lower, the board can gold a max of 8GB of DDR2 at 800MHz ( 4 of the same sticks of 2GB RAM @ 800MHz