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Advertising media is the channel a company uses to get their advertising to customers. Television and radio are some examples of advertising media.

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Q: What does Advertising Media mean?
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Types of advertising media?

what are types advertising media

What is Technical advertising?

Technical advertising can mean two things. It can be a sub specialty of advertising that markets the technological sector. It can also mean that a campaign uses technology and social media to promote themselves.

What is the Support media in advertising?

Support Media Advertising means the advertising media used to reinforce messages sent to receivers/ audience/markets through other more effective and dominant and more traditional media. Usually outdoor advertising is called support media advertising. There are different medium used for advertising in which outdoor advertising is important. Billboards, transit ads, promotional products, sky advertising, yellow pages advertisement, advertising used in movie theaters, advertising in trains etc. are the example of support media advertising. It lets any company to gain awareness and exposure.

What are 5 m's of advertising?

The 5 M's of advertising are: Mission Money Message Media Measurement The 5 M's of advertising are: Mission Money Message Media Measurement The 5 M's of advertising are: Mission Money Message Media Measurement The 5 M's of advertising are: Mission Money Message Media Measurement

What are the 3 forms of media?

Print Media, Electronic media and digital or Online media are the main forms of media in these media you have subcomponents like OOH advertising, TV advertising, Word of mouth etc.

What is non traditional media?

Non-traditional media refers to advertising through the use of unusual or uncommon advertising space or method. Examples are mobile advertising, placards, aerial advertising and guerilla marketing.

What is media USED FOR?

The media is used for showing out information to the world. The media can be used for advertising, informing and many others.

What would be the main responsibilities of a media planner?

Media planners work in advertising agencies or media. They help clients maximize profit and sales through media advertising. Media planners can also be known as brand planners and strategists.

What is the main source of revenue for media corporations?


What is the meaning of advertising media?

Advertising media means a media where advertisements can be placed. Media can be in print, broadcast, or in electronic format (Internet). Real life media examples would be television, radio, magazines, newspapers, web sites, etc.

What is an example of media?


What does the media depend on for their income?

Most of the media depend on advertising for their income

What is the difference between advertising and media?

Advertising is the displaying of an advertisement created either by an agency or company. Media is the vehicle for which advertising is made accessible to the company's market. Basically the difference lies with the creation of the advertisement.

Why do teenagers nowadays are wasting their money in becoming fashion victims?

Media and other advertising influence; peer group pressure influenced by media and advertising.

Which of the following are sources of revenue for media companies?

Advertising and subscription

What has the author George Spears written?

George Spears has written: 'Gender and violence in the mass media' -- subject(s): Violence in mass media, Mass media, Mass media policy, Sex role in mass media, Sex differences in mass media, Influence, Women in mass media 'The portrayal of sex roles in Canadian radio programming, 1985' -- subject(s): Sex role in mass media, Radio broadcasting, Mass media and women 'Moral relativism and absolutism in the development of principled moral thought' -- subject(s): Moral conditions, Ethics 'The content and viewership of alcohol advertising on Canadian television, 1987' -- subject(s): Alcoholism in mass media, Advertising, Alcoholic beverages 'The portrayal of sex roles in Canadian television advertising' -- subject(s): Sex role in advertising, Television broadcasting, Advertising 'Who makes the news' -- subject(s): Women and journalism, Women, Mass media and women, Women in mass media, Press coverage 'The portrayal of sex roles in Canadian radio advertising, 1985' -- subject(s): Sex role in advertising, Broadcasting policy, Radio advertising 'The portrayal of sex roles in Canadian radio advertising' -- subject(s): Sex role in advertising, Radio broadcasting, Advertising, Sex role in mass media

What companies provide online media advertising?

Companies which provide online media advertising are Value Click Media and Media Associates. Other companies which provide this service are Point Roll, Open X, Video To Market and Anchor Wave.

Why Advertising Agencies paid commission by advertising media?

Simply because advertising agencies specialize in finding advertisers for the media. They are kind of middle man and middle man always get their cut everywhere on every field.

How printing press help advertising?

Advertising is enlarges with the help of printing indurtry.because the main media for advertising is news paper.

Is advertising the same thing as media?

No. Advertising is defined as the means by which products are sold and marketed. Media refers to the format of a message. Media could include digital things, printed material, even artworks.

What are the six different kinds of print media?

The six different types of print media are: Newspaper Advertising Magazine Advertising Direct Mail Directory Advertising Outdoor Advertising Transit Advertising

Is outdoor advertising media?

Yes. It is part of the media budget that is spent by an organization.

List all advertising media?

Advertising media: television,radios,newspapers,magazines,hoardings,billboards,signboards,road shows,internet

What does the media have to do with advertising a blog?

The media can have a lot to do with advertising blogs. Certain media may use blogs to advertise content to the population that uses the internet and doesn't watch television. This way they can appeal to a wider audience.

What has the author Hanne Niss written?

Hanne Niss has written: 'International advertising and the \\' -- subject(s): Comparative advertising, Advertising media planning, Advertising