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What does Advertising Media mean?


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Advertising media is the channel a company uses to get their advertising to customers. Television and radio are some examples of advertising media.

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what are types advertising media

Technical advertising can mean two things. It can be a sub specialty of advertising that markets the technological sector. It can also mean that a campaign uses technology and social media to promote themselves.

The six different types of print media are: Newspaper Advertising Magazine Advertising Direct Mail Directory Advertising Outdoor Advertising Transit Advertising

The 5 M's of advertising are: Mission Money Message Media Measurement The 5 M's of advertising are: Mission Money Message Media Measurement The 5 M's of advertising are: Mission Money Message Media Measurement The 5 M's of advertising are: Mission Money Message Media Measurement

Print Media, Electronic media and digital or Online media are the main forms of media in these media you have subcomponents like OOH advertising, TV advertising, Word of mouth etc.

Non-traditional media refers to advertising through the use of unusual or uncommon advertising space or method. Examples are mobile advertising, placards, aerial advertising and guerilla marketing.

Most of the media depend on advertising for their income

Media planners work in advertising agencies or media. They help clients maximize profit and sales through media advertising. Media planners can also be known as brand planners and strategists.

Advertising media: television,radios,newspapers,magazines,hoardings,billboards,signboards,road shows,internet

Advertising media means a media where advertisements can be placed. Media can be in print, broadcast, or in electronic format (Internet). Real life media examples would be television, radio, magazines, newspapers, web sites, etc.

Yes. It is part of the media budget that is spent by an organization.

Advertising is enlarges with the help of printing indurtry.because the main media for advertising is news paper.

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Media and other advertising influence; peer group pressure influenced by media and advertising.

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Advertising is the displaying of an advertisement created either by an agency or company. Media is the vehicle for which advertising is made accessible to the company's market. Basically the difference lies with the creation of the advertisement.

The media is used for showing out information to the world. The media can be used for advertising, informing and many others.

media used & effect of sunslik shampoo

No. Advertising is defined as the means by which products are sold and marketed. Media refers to the format of a message. Media could include digital things, printed material, even artworks.

Simply because advertising agencies specialize in finding advertisers for the media. They are kind of middle man and middle man always get their cut everywhere on every field.

1.) To understand the importance of using the specified media for advertising effectiveness. 2.) To exchange ideas on advertising design. 3.) Discuss the options for creation of advertising design. 4.) Create a contract with outlines on appropriate advertising placement and procedures.

Information, entertainment, advertising.

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