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What does Ai mija mean?

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Komal Virdi
Answered 2020-09-01 04:42:47

oh daughter. or oh child. kind of like oh girl you know. it can have many connotations like in a funny way, disappointed way and so forth

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What does Te amo mija mean in spanish?

'Te amo mija' in English means: I love you my daughter (or, 'my little girl'). "mija" is slang; it's a combination of the words "mi" (my) and "hija" (daughter).

What does mija bonita mean in spanish?

My lovely daughter

What does the name mija mean?

Mija means the only one (Hebrew) , my darling (Italian Mia), my daughter (Spanish Mi-hija).

What does mija di la verdad mean?

"Mija" is a contraction of "Mi hija" used informally. Translation: My daughter, tell [me] the truth.

What does mija mean in Esperanza Rising?

It means 'daughter' in English

What does como te llamas mija mean?

it means hi

What is the birth name of Mija Aleksic?

Mija Aleksic's birth name is Milosav Mija Aleksic.

What does te adoro mean?

it means "I adore you" in spanish.Te adoro mija

What does Ya andas pedo mija mean?

Are you drink?,right (girl)

What does orale ta bien mija mean?

Ta biennial orale

What does que tanto dices mija mean in English?

what are you saying, baby

What does mija you tienes miedo mean?

it means: my daughter, are you afraid (or you are afraid).

What does the abbreviation 'AI' mean?


How tall is Mija Martina?

Mija Martina is 170 cm.

What does mija mean in English?

It means daughter. It is an informal contraction of "mi hija".

What does cojones mija mean?

It means balls in spanish (like the male part).

What does que estas haciendo mija mean?

Translation: What are you doing my dear (daughter)?

What does que thransa con tu venas mija mean?

¡Quién sabe!

What ai ai mean in English?

Romanian have

What does watashi no ai mean?

Watashi = meWatashi no = myai = loveWatashi no ai = My love.

What does it mean when someone calls you mija?

it means like lady or like when someone says ''girl!'' tht what it mean

Can miha mean babe or girlfriend?

No. Novia is girlfriend. and its spelt mija, and it means daughter.

What does the name Ai mean?

The name Ai means Love

What does ai ni mean?

ai ni means 'love you'

What does Por que no mija mean?

Mija is not a real Spanish word, but is a slang contraction of "Mi hija".The sentence should really be "?Por qué no, mi hija?" which would be translated as "Why not, my daughter?"

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