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In Alberta
  • deserts
  • pyramids
  • A Hollywood sign
  • the world's largest tub of guacamole.
  • a black hole
  • a "q" in it's name
  • whales.
  • iguanas.

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Where is Ralston Alberta?

Ralston is 45 K east north east of Medicine hat in Alberta. It is next to CFB Suffield.

What is the climate in Alberta?

Temperatures in Alberta can fluctuate a great deal. In the summermonths it can be cool to hot ranging from 3C (37F) to almost 40C(104F). In the winter temperatures vary just as much withoccasional highs in parts of the province of 14C (57F) down to -40C(-40F). Alberta is a landlocked province with ( Full Answer )

Why are fossils in Alberta?

British Columbia and Alberta are rich in fossils, as they were probably a popular living space with lots of biodiversity for dinosaurs to thrive on millions of years ago.

Where is Alberta?

Alberta is in western Canada, and covers an area of 661,190 km² (255,287 mi²). To the south, it borders the U.S. state of Montana on the 49th Paralell To the east at a longitude of 110° west, it borders the province of Saskatchewan. At 60° north, it is bordered by the Northwest Territori ( Full Answer )

Who were the Alberta five?

Alberta's Famous Five - Henrietta Muir Edwards, Nellie McClung, Louise McKinney, Emily Murphy, and Irene Parlby - helped guarantee that women are represented in all levels of Canadian politics.

What Colleges are in Alberta?

There are many colleges in Alberta. A few are: . Olds College . Red Deer College . NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) . SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) . Lakeland/Vermillion College . Fairveiw College

What is a city in Alberta?

Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, St. Albert, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Grande Prairie, Peace River, Fort Saskatchewan, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Fort McMurray and Lloydminster.

Alberta get its name?

Alberta is named after Princess Louise Caroline Alberta (1848-1939), the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria.

What is the population of Alberta?

The population of Alberta, Canada in 2010 was 3,724,832. But if you want to know the population of it now go to ask.com Sorry if this didnt help.

Hinduism in Alberta?

Canada is a great place for Hinduism, there are more temples. These are the 4 Hindu temples in Alberta, Canada. Hindu Society of Calgary . Loaction: 2225 24th Avenue, N. E., Calgary, Alberta. Phone Contact: (403) 291-2551. Radha Madhava Cultural Centre . Location: 313, 4th Street, N. E. Calgary ( Full Answer )

Where is Alberta mccourt?

"That building is still too tall for this street and that's it," said Alberta McCourt, who lives on Second Street near Smith Street in a three-story home she once shared with Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Frank McCourt.. McCourt wasn't afraid to invoke her 76-year-old celebrity ex-husband in her fi ( Full Answer )

Population in Alberta?

The population of Alberta, Canada is 3.29 million people. This is10 percent of the total population of Canada. The capital ofAlberta is Edmonton with a population of 812,201.

The population of Alberta?

As of the 2014 census, Alberta, Canada has a population of 4.083million people. This is an increase from 2011, when there were3.645 million people.

What is Alberta?

Alberta is one of Canada's three Prairie Provinces. It stretches form British Columbia and the towering, snow-clad Rocky Mountains in the west to the province of Saskatchewan in the east; and from the thinly settled Northwest Territories in the north to the state of Montana in the south. Within the ( Full Answer )

Who is the Governer of Alberta?

the governer of Alberta is Lieutenant Governor Donald S. Ethell you can read more about him at http://www.lieutenantgovernor.ab.ca/default.htm

What is an Alberta clipper?

an Alberta clipper is a brezze that comes from the rocky mountains is Canada and hits the middle of the U.S and slids off the East Coast.

Which are the Universities in Alberta?

University of Alberta, University of Calgary, University of Lethbridge, Grant MacEwan University, Mount Royal University, Athabasca University, Concordia University.

How large is Alberta?

the biggest thing to happen to rhythm and blues, blues and Detroit soul! the queen of rock n roll!

Does Alberta have mountains?

Yes. The Rocky Mountains run along the western border, from the central area south east of Grande Prairie/Peace River all the way south to the USA/Canada border. The lower half of the western Alberta border follows the mountains that angle in slightly in to the east.

What is a Alberta tartan?

Alberta Provincial Tartan The tartan was designed in designed by the Edmonton Rehabilitation Society for the Handicapped, and was recognized by an Act of Legislature in 1961. . Green - represents Alberta's forests . Blue - represents Alberta's clear skies and sparkling lakes . Pink - represe ( Full Answer )

What are facts about Alberta?

1. It has the sunniest city in Canada. (Calgary) 2. Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta. 3. Alberta was named after Queen Victoria's daughter 4. Alberta became a province in 1905 5. It contains plains in the form of prairies, mountains, foothills, and boreal forests 6. It contains the ( Full Answer )

What are the symbols of Alberta?

The provincial flower is the WILD ROSE. The provincial tree is the LODGE-POLE PINE. The provincial bird is the GREAT HORNED OWL. The provincial mammal is the ROCKY MOUNTAIN BIG HORNED SHEEP.

What can you do in Alberta?

The opportunities for recreation in Alberta are nearly unlimited. You can play or do any sport imaginable. You can fish, hunt, camp. Shopping and Gambling See a play, attend the opera, attend a concert, go to the ballet, go to an art gallery. Eat at a five-star restaurant. Eat at an "ethnic" restaur ( Full Answer )

How did Alberta get its borders?

after political decisions were made between 1846 & 1905 about the allocation of its territory the borders were delineated or delimited & described in state documents. then usually some time later they were marked or demarcated on the ground

What is fun to do in Alberta?

There are many provincial and national parks to visit within Alberta, from the Rocky Mountains to the Cypress Hills. There are many museums to see, many events to go to, and a lot of land and highway to travel on. Alberta is a big province, and there's always lots of things to see and do in it. See ( Full Answer )

What is manufactured in Alberta?

Alberta, Canada has a global reputation for its food and beverageindustry, and account for about 16.8% of the manufacturing sales.Coal and petroleum is also a big manufacturer in Alberta.

What rivers are in Alberta?

There are many rivers in Alberta. To name a few: . Athabasca River . North Saskatchewan River . Peace River . Battle River . Bow River . Milk River . Pembina River . Paddle River ...are some rivers located in Alberta.

When was Alberta created?

The provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan were both created by the Government of Canada out of Northwest Territories on September 1, 1905.

What is the gst of Alberta?

GST is a federal sales tax. It is the same in Alberta as in every province and territory in Canada: currently 5%.

What is the abreviation for Alberta?

The abreviation for Alberta is AB. Another abreviation for Alberta is Alta, allthough I have'nt seen that one used since I was a kid.

Why is Alberta named Alberta?

The district of Alberta was created in 1882, and enlarged to become a province of Canada on September 1, 1905. The name was suggested by the Marquess of Lorne, Governor General of Canada from 1878 to 1883, in honour of his wife, H.R.H. Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, daughter of Queen Victoria. ( Full Answer )

Is Alberta in Vancouver?

No, Vancouver is a city in the province of British Columbia. Alberta is the province that neighbours British Columbia to the east.

How do you get to Calgary Alberta?

You can get to Calgary, Alberta by plane. There is a large airport in Calgary. I know because I live here. :)

Is Alberta a tundra?

No, don't be silly. Alberta is boreal forest, prairies, aspen forests, foothills and the Rocky Mountains. All but tundra.

Does it snow in Alberta?

Yes...Alberta is located in Canada which is more-than famous for its snow hence the nick-name "The Great White North."

What is the landmark of Alberta?

There are many landmarks in Alberta, like the Rocky Mountains on the western edge of the province, the giant egg of Vermillion, the Star Wars replica space ship in Vulcan, the Provincial Legislature buildings in Edmonton, the Saddle Dome of Calgary, the list goes on.

Who were the settlers in Alberta?

The Metis, the french and canadians __ Scots, Irish, English, Ukrainians, Eastern Canadians, Germans, Norwegians, Welsh, French, Danish, American were some of the different groups that settled Alberta

What are the landforms in Alberta?

There are so many landforms found in Alberta that only a few will be listed here: . Mountains . Foothills . Prairie . Coulees . Bad lands . Hills . Cliffs . Plateaus . Steppes

Is Alberta in Washington?

NO. Alberta is in CANADA, not Washington. Washington is a state in the USA: Alberta is a province in Canada that is much larger than the state of Washington.

What is the landscape of Alberta?

Varied, from Mixed-Grass Prairies to the Foothills and the Rocky Mountains, to the Aspen Parkland and the Boreal Forest. Alberta also has numerous lakes, rivers and streams that flow throw this great province.

Are there lemmings in Alberta?

No. You will find lemmings in the tundra, and Alberta is too far south of the tundra to have any lemmings.

What was Alberta about to be named?

Before Alberta got named, people were about to name it Buffalo, since there were so many buffalos back then. I learned this in Gr. 3. But then they named it after a person. I dont know who.

What does the government of Alberta do?

The Government of Alberta listens the MLA's decisions and discuss what laws they need and don't need in the province of Alberta.

What is Alberta landform?

Alberta has more than one landform. It has prairies, foothills, mountains, rivers, lakes, hills, forests (aspen parkland, transitional boreal and boreal), etc.

Does Alberta have a coastline?

No, we do not have any portion of the provence touching an ocean or sea. Got a couple big lakes though, but they don't count.

What are the holidays of Alberta?

Alberta Family day- Third Monday in February Good Friday- Friday before Easter Sunday Easter Monday- Monday after Easter Sunday Victoria Day- Monday before May 25th Canada Day- July First Heritage Day- First Monday in August Labour Day- First Monday in September Thanksgiving- Second Monday in Octob ( Full Answer )

What is the HST in Alberta?

Alberta does not have HST. It only has GST. HST (Harmonized Sales Tax, which is the combination of Provincial Sales takes and Goods and Services Tax) is only found in Ontario, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. The current rate of GST for all provinces, including Alber ( Full Answer )

Is Alberta a river?

one of the three prairie provinces in western Canada; rich in oil and natural gas and minerals