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Apollo was a giver of ritual purification. This occurred especially if someone had committed a crime of some sort, because he was among other things the god of religious healing.

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How does Apollo give light to the Earth?

Apollo 11 does not give light to the earth in any way.

What did Hermes give to Apollo?

Hermes gave Apollo the lyre as a gift.

What did Hermes give to Apollo after stealing his cows hoping that Apollo would forgive him?

He gave Apollo a lyre.

What gifts did Zeus give to Apollo?

Zeus gave Apollo the power of the sun and poetry.

What golden gift did Apollo give Hercules?


What did Hermes give Apollo?

The lyre Hermes made.

What contribution did Apollo 13 give?

Apollo 13 proved that a damaged craft could be returned to earth very safely.

What did Hermes give Apollo after Apollo found out Hermes stole the sacred cow to make Hemes completely forget about the cow?

You mean to make Apollo forget the cow and it was a lyre. it made such pretty music that Apollo just had to have it.

Who was born first Artemis or Apollo?

Artemis and Apollo were twins. Hera sent a monster after Leto. After arriving at Delos, Artemis was born and helped Leto give birth to Apollo.

What did Agamemnon have to give Chryses for Apollo to stop killing the Achaeans?

He had to give him his daughter Chryseis back.

Does Apollo have a sister?

Yes, Artemis was his twin sister. Legend has it that Artemis was born first and helped her mother give birth to Apollo.

What gift did Apollo give to some mortals?

he gave the gift of prophesies

What punishment did Apollo give to King Midas?

His ears became those of a donkey.

What did Zeus give Apollo when he went to Mt. Olympus?

winged sandals

How many Apollos were there?

There were 18 Apollo missions. # AS-201 # AS-202 # AS-203 # AS-204 (Failure) # Apollo 4 # Apollo 5 # Apollo 6 # Apollo 7 # Apollo 8 # Apollo 9 # Apollo 10 # Apollo 11 # Apollo 12 # Apollo 13 (Partial success) # Apollo 14 # Apollo 15 # Apollo 16 # Apollo 17

What was the relationship between Apollo and his twin brother Artemis?

good I guess because Apollo was sun and Artemis was light and give me a break I'm only 12

What planet did the Apollo flights give us?

I'm not entirely sure what this question is asking, it kind of doesn't make sense. The Apollo missions landed on the moon.

How many moon missions were there?

9 Apollo 8 Apollo 10 Apollo 11 Apollo 12 Apollo 13 Apollo 14 Apollo 15 Apollo 16 Apollo 17

What did Hermes do shortly after he was born?

Shortly after he was born, Hermes invented the lyre. A bit after that, he stole cattle from Apollo. Apollo agreed to give Hermes the cattle in exchange for the lyre.

Why did Zeus gave Cassandra the ability to tell the future?

Zeus did not give Cassandra her ability, this was the gift of Apollo (or she always had the ability and when she rejected Apollo he cursed her prophecy not to be believed).

How many Apollo spacecrafts landed on the moon?

6 Apollo 11 Apollo 12 Apollo 14 Apollo 15 Apollo 16 Apollo 17

What did the Navy Divers give when Apollo 11 splashed down?

Engraved diver's knifes

How was the goddess Diana as a child?

She grew quickly and helped her mother give birth to Apollo.

Where did leto give birth to her two children?

Artemis was born on Ortygia; and Apollo on Delos.

Is Apollo or Artemis older?

The myths differ as to which twin was born first. However, many say that it was Artemis (goddess of childbirth), who helped their mother Leto give birth to Apollo.