Artemis Fowl
Artemis (Diana)

What does Artemis Fowl look like?

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2009-10-12 19:19:03

Artemis Fowl the second is described to have raven hair, pale

skin, and deep blue eyes. He is also described to have a "vampire

smile." The reason behind why he has pale skin is due to the

countless hours he spent indoors, in front of the computer screen.

Artemis always dresses quite well, in suits and such. In book five

he ends up getting his index and middle fingers switched, in

addition to having one hazel eye, and one blue eye. It is also said

his eyes get darker when he lies.

There is also a graphic novel. There are artist depictions of

all of the characters from the first book are represented. To see

Artemis check the related link below.

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