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All I know is that he has dark eyes and has no colored clothes but his personality is bright sporty and fun loving and lots more

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In "The Giver," Asher is described as having light skin, light hair, and a cheerful and playful demeanor. He is Jonas's best friend and is often described as being energetic and impulsive.

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Asher is one of jonas's closest freinds.

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Q: What does Asher look like in the Giver?
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What assignment did Asher get in The Giver?

In "The Giver," Asher was given the assignment of Assistant Director of Recreation.

In The Giver when did Asher first meet Jonas?

how does jonas and asher meet

Who are Jonases friends in The Giver?

Asher and Fiona

Who were the in the characters in The Giver?

The main characters in "The Giver" by Lois Lowry are Jonas, the Receiver of Memory; The Giver, the mentor training Jonas; and Fiona and Asher, Jonas' friends in the community.

How does asher look?

Like Justin timberlake

What was Jonas's friends names in the giver?

Jonas's friends in "The Giver" are named Asher and Fiona. They play significant roles in the story as companions and supporters of Jonas.

Who was Jonas' funny friend in the giver?

Jonas's funny friend in "The Giver" is Asher. Asher is known for his playful and carefree personality, often using humor to break tense situations. He is also supportive and loyal to Jonas throughout the story.

What rule did Jonas break The Giver?

he was playing with the apple with asher

What was Jonas' friends names in The Giver?

Asher, and another girl

What is Asher's number in The Giver?

In "The Giver" by Lois Lowry, Asher's assigned number is seven. This number is given to each child in the community to distinguish them from one another. Asher is close friends with the main character, Jonas.

What is Jonas best friend name The Giver?

Jonas' best friend in the book "The Giver" is named Asher. Asher and Jonas grow up together and share a strong bond throughout the story.

Who is Jonas is funny friend in the giver?

In "The Giver," Jonas's funny friend is named Asher. He is known for his playful personality and tendency to mix up words, leading to humorous situations. Asher provides comic relief in the story and is a supportive friend to Jonas.