What does B.C.E. mean?

Updated: 5/24/2022
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Before Current Era

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The word BCE means, "Before Common Era". It is the term more commonly used now among historians, rather than BC which is the abbrevation for "Before (the birth of) (Jesus) Christ". I think I remember reading that the date of the birth of Jesus Christ was mistaken, and is actually AD 6 (i.e. 6 years later than the date people thought). To avoid confusion of dates, the wrong BC (before christ) was made BCE. And AD Anno Domini) was made to CE (Common Era).

Using BCE instead of BC does not make the actual date any more precise.

It is also mainly used because of its political correctness. Obviously Christianity isn't the only view people have so Common Era (the past 2011 years) and Before Common Era (Everything before that) would be more polite. Some Christians do not like this choice because it isn't acknowledging their religion, however, the C in CE and BCE can be said as Current, Common, or Christian.

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Q: What does B.C.E. mean?
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Is BC before or after BCE?

A:BC and BCE both mean exactly the same thing and cover exactly the same time period. BC is the older term and simply means 'Before Christ', while BCE means 'Before Christian Era' or 'Before Common Era'.

What does BCE mean in social studies?

before common era

What does 550-330 bce mean?

It means 550-330 years before common era. BCE stands for before common era.

What is definition for bc and bce?

They are the same thing they mean before Christ.

What does the term bce mean referred to in the Bible?

BCE means 'before the common era' and used to be referred to as BC, simply meaning 'before Christ.'

Had the sumerians created a civilization by 3000 bce?

Yes they have I mean you should know

What were the major battles in the Persian War?

Lade 494 BCE, Marathon 490 BCE, Artemesion 480 BCE, Salamis 480 BCE, Plataia 479 BCE, Mykale 479 BCE, Eurymedon 464 BCE, Cyprus 450 BCE.

What does BCE in biblical term mean?

Before Common Era, politically correct version of BC-before Christ

The major battles fought in Persia war?

Lade 494 BCE, Marathon 490 BCE, Salamis 480 BCE, Plataia 479 BCE, Mykale 479 BCE, Eurtmedon 466 BCE, Cyprus 450 BCE.

When did Darius rule?

I think he ruled from 422 bce to 484 bce. I think he ruled from 521 bce to 484 bce.

What does BC mean today?

before Christ but now many text books use BCE because some people don't believe in God and BCE means before common era

What are the greatest battles of the Persian war?

Lade 474 BCE Salamis 480 BCE Plataia 479 BCE Eurtmedon 466 BCE Cyprus 450 BCE