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The word BCE means, "Before Common Era". It is the term more commonly used now among historians, rather than BC which is the abbrevation for "Before (the birth of) (Jesus) Christ". I think I remember reading that the date of the birth of Jesus Christ was mistaken, and is actually AD 6 (i.e. 6 years later than the date people thought). To avoid confusion of dates, the wrong BC (before christ) was made BCE. And AD Anno Domini) was made to CE (Common Era).
Using BCE instead of BC does not make the actual date any more precise.

It is also mainly used because of its political correctness. Obviously Christianity isn't the only view people have so Common Era (the past 2011 years) and Before Common Era (Everything before that) would be more polite. Some Christians do not like this choice because it isn't acknowledging their religion, however, the C in CE and BCE can be said as Current, Common, or Christian.
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What is BCE?

It stands for 'before the common era' and is used to replace BCwhich means before Christ.

What is BCE in Bible?

Answer . "B.C.E." stands for "before our common era." It is often used instead of "B.C." which means "before Christ.". Many prefer to use"B.C.E." instead of the term "B.C." The reason is that there is a variance in the historical timeline and the actual arrival of the Christ. Since there is no y ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between bc and bce?

BC = Before Christ, is a designation used to number years in the Julian and Gregorian calendars BCE = Before our Common Era, and is a designation for the period of time beginning with year 1 of the proleptic Gregorian calendar.

What does the year 2000 BCE mean?

This is exactly the same as 2000 BC. In an attempt to be neutral with regard to religion, some people prefer to refer to years 'before Christ' as 'Before the Common Era' rather than 'Before Christ'. You will sometimes see something like 1776 CE, which would mean 1776, Common Era, exactly the same as ( Full Answer )

Historical Events that happened in bce?

-In 1638 the New Haven colony is founded by a group of English Puritans. . -In 1701 Yale is foneded as the collegiate school. . -In 1875 Hartford is chosen as their capital.

What do BC and BCE stand for?

BCE = Before Common Era. BC = Before Christ. BCE is basically a secular alternative and replacement for BC, due to the religious implications of BC.

What does BCE mean in relation to timelines?

BCE means " B efore (the) C ommon E ra", and in practice is used exactly the same as BC (" B efore C hrist"), so for timelines, take the starting point as the year 'zero' BC.

What is BCE in history?

ANSWER: It means "Before Common Era". The term was instituted by scientists and other professionals to replace BC (Before Christ) due to the fact that BC carries a religious bias not held by the majority of people around the world. The term BCE is more appropriate as a global standard for dating. ( Full Answer )

What bce mean?

BCE = B efore the C ommon E ra or B.C. I now finally understand BC, BCE AD and CE but where does BP come in to play. Before present. Is that before 2013 or before 01?

What are the years BCE?

The term BCE stands for " B efore C ommon E ra" and is now used frequently, to replace the older term " B efore C hrist" or BC . Thus BCE covers the years before the traditional date for the birth of Christ. The term BCE also is used to represent " B efore C hristian E ra," and represents ( Full Answer )

What is the year BCE?

The abbreviations "AD" and "BC" stand for "Anno Dominei", or "Year of Our Lord", and "BC" for "Before Christ". Some non-christian scientists objected to these reference points and use the abbreviations "CE" and "BCE", meaning "Common Era" and "Before Common Era" to mean the same things.

Which date came earlier 540 BCE or 240 BCE?

540 BCE. In years BCE (BC), the years count backward until the year 1 BCE is reached. The year 1 CE (AD) immediately follows 1 BCE, and begins counting upward; there is no year 0.

What does 1200 BCE mean?

B.efore (the) C.ommon E.ra . 1200 BCE is 1200 years before the era we are in now. it's like a negative number in math. . it's 2009 CE now so 1200 BCE would be 2009 + 1200 = 3209 years ago.

What is year bce?

It is an acronym for "before Common Era", a replacement for the original term "before Christ" (BC).

Is 700 BCE Earlier than 730 BCE?

no, the bigger the number in bce or bc, the older it is. Consider this, if you will. In Math of course 700 comes BEFORE 730. But we're not necessarily concerned with the every day type ADDING & SUBTRACTING MATH when relating to the History of Man, we are mostly concerned with, or perhaps it could be ( Full Answer )

What is 4 BCE?

Well it means 4 years before common era if you mean what is significant about it please say so next time. the short answer for what you're probably looking for is Jesus was born between 7 and 4 bce

What does BCE mean in Egypt?

Before Common Era it was called B.C.E because people didn't want to associate time with religion as the conversion is B.C or B efore C hrist.

Who is older someone born in 1760 BCE or 1450 BCE?

Someone who is born in 1760 Bc. because in BC. the dates go backwards. For example, lets say someone was 33yrs old and they were born in 1200BC. And their mom is 53yrs old. and she was born in 999Bc. She is older. Do you get it? If not to get more info. search in by ask.com. Hope it helped! :)

What does BCE maen?

BCE stands for "before Common Era" or "before Christian Era". It is a modern replacement for the original "before Christ" (BC).

Greece in 442 BCE?

Conservative politician Thucydides son of Melesias was orstacised (exiled for 10 years) ending his struggle for political supremacy in Athens with Pericles.

What is the definition of BCE as in c400 BCE?

BCE = Before Common Era which replaces Before Christ The following period is CE = Common Era Other cultures have different calendars, and a common measure of the years is in everyone's interest. These terms are meant to peplace the old BC and AD, which have to religous connection for one fifth ( Full Answer )

What did people speak in 460 BCE?

It is estimated that more than 10,000 languages were spoken in the World during the first millennium BCE.

What does AD BC and BCE stand for?

A.D. - "anno Domini" (In the year of the lord, or some people say "After Death." Both work) B.C. - Before Christ B.C.E. - Before Common Era (Same time as B.C., but non-religious)

What is BCE in time mean?

BCE means "Before Common Era". It is a secular way of describing the time period BC, "Before Christ". This is the way you will usually see time described in scientific, secular historic and archaeologic journals.

What does BCE man?

Presumably that was supposed to be "mean"? If so then BCE is a reference to time literally being an acronym meaning "Before Common Era". This is basically the equivalent to 'BC' which has been used prior to the 21st century. For all intents and purposes it is a non-denominational version of the Chri ( Full Answer )

14 bce is after 9 bce 2000 bce is before 200 bce the answer is unknown Which is correct?

2000 BCE is before 200 BCE is the correct answer. A timeline works like so: the "I" represents the birth of Christ, which is the event which separates BCE and CE. From the "I" forward is where we are now. The numbers increase 0 to 2011. From the "I" backwards the number decreases 0 to (whenever ( Full Answer )

What does BCE and ADE mean in history?

BCE means Before Christian Era.... Not sure what ADE means. No, it doesn't. It means Before COMMON Era. The whole world doesn't revolve around Christian wording.

What is BCE timeline?

The common timeline system used by scientists to avoid religious arguments. Before, B.C. was commonly used (Before Christ) and B.C.E. (Before Common Era) was found to be less controversial. The timeline is the same as B.C, but just with a different name.

What the meaning of BCE and CE?

BCE= Before Common Era CE= Common Era These abbreviations are used instead of BC (Before Christ) and AD(Anno Domini, "In the year of the Lord") as being more inclusive,especially for non-Christians.

What does ca 1550 BCE mean?

ca 1550 BCE means 'circa 1550 Before Common Era.' Circa means 'around' and Before Common Era is another way to say 'Before Christ (BC)'

Who was born in bce?

Millions and millions of people. All the people that ever were except those that were born less than 2011 years ago. People have been around for tens of thousands of years.

Why was Cleopatra exiled in 48 BCE?

Cleopatra was exiled in 48 BC because she tried to usurp power from her brother, who the Alexandrians preferred as their ruler. Her brother, backed by most of the Alexandrians, fought back and Cleo had to flee for her life. Cleopatra was exiled in 48 BC because she tried to usurp power from her bro ( Full Answer )

What happen to the Hebrews in 1700 BCE?

1700 BCE is not linked to anything in particular, but traditional view state that Abraham Isaac and Jacob lived around that time.

What does AD and BCE?

B.C stands for before christ. B.C.E stands for Before Common Era. C.E stands for Common Era. N.E stands for New Era. A.D stands for Anno Domino or After death

What does the fourth millennium BC or BCE mean in terms of beginning and end dates?

A millenium is 1000 years long from beginning to end. In terms of the modern calendar, there is no year-long period called year zero, no century zero and no millenium zero. As it is on the standard number line, 'zero' is a point in time on the calendar. So, the year 1 BCE (Before Common Era, or B ( Full Answer )

Was israel founded in 1000 bce?

There is not a universally recognized consensus among the historians upon who Ancient Hebrews- the forefathers of Jews and Israelis- were. Some say they were those same Canaanites, while others maintain the opinion that they invaded The Land of Canaan and conquered it. However, there is a common con ( Full Answer )

What happened in 287 BCE at rome?

287BCE was a year in the pre-Julian Roman calendar during which a new law, the Lex Hortensia, was passed. This law was an important development for Roman politics as it gave greater influence to the plebeian assembly as compared to the Senate.

What event occurred in 134 bce?

John Hyrcanus became Prince and High Priest of Judea. Formore information see the 134 BCE page on wikipedia.

Who was the Roman Emperor 150 bce?

There was no Roman emperor in 150 BCE. At that time Rome was being ruled under the republic, according to its rules. In the republic, two consuls and other officials were elected by the people.

Who was ruling the Jews in 333 BCE?

Apparently it was still Darius III, since Alexander conquered thearea which included Judea in the following year, 332 BCE. In that era, the Jews themselves didn't have a king.

Is bce earlier then ce?

Yes. "BCE" means "Before the Christian Era"; "CE" means "Christian Era". (The Christian Era is the period of time that began after the birth of Jesus of Nazareth -- the most common calendar used these days.)

What do the letters CE and BCE mean?

They mean: Common Era and Before Common Era which is the equivalent of Anni Domini and Before Christ respectively